Mushroom Kindom Fighter is a Sidescrolling fighting game.                                                     

Mushroom Kingdom Fighter
Developer(s) Zeg
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Sidescroller


Media Included Game


Bowser's minnons go on strike and kiddnap Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. The Mushroom Army trys to help but fails. With the Fighting Mushroom Team out or FMT, A young member gets lost in the fire. He finds himself in a room full of koopa's, and sets of to save the Mario team from the Bowser.


In the game you control Meep , the main player. In two player you control Meep and Moop. They have Mushroom Cannons that shoot TNT Mushrooms out, and knock enemies of the screen. Other than that the game controls like most Mario games.


Firey Building It is the level in the intro. It is the most easy level in the game. Hardness: 1/5
TNT Anbush This is where you meet Moop, your partner. He is also part of the FMT Hardness: 2/5
Mushroom Fever It is close to Peaches Castle and is Mushroom City Hardness:3/5
Airship of Larry (Boss) This is the Airship that we meet Larry on, the only Koopling in the game. He is also the first boss Hardness: 3/5 Health: 7 Hearts.
Rainbow Road After blowing up Larry's Airship, it crashes into Rainbow Road Hardness: 4/5
Lava Falls The level is filled with Blaags and Lava Hardness: 4/5
Koopman Road It is the road to Koopman castle Hardness: 4/5
Koopman Castle The levels boss is Fake Koopman. It is the 3rd hardest level in the game.

Hardness: 4/5

Health: 9 Hearts

Courtyard of Lava Falls The level looks like a Courtyard, with Goomba Gurads. Hardness: 4/5
Runaway Railroad They are trains you jump and run onto.  Hardness: 4/5
Bowser's Puzzle It is a maze level. It is the 2nd hardest level in the game Hardness: 4/5
Final Road It has every single challange you faced in other levels. Hardness: 4/5
Koopa Cave It is like Final Road, but is harder Hardness: 5/5



Its the hardest level in the game Hardness: 5/5
Bowser (Boss) It is the final boss of the game. Heath: 29 hearts


Fire Flower

Lets the player shoot fireballs

Chain Chomp

The player gets dragged by a Chain Chomp that defeats everything in its path for 4 seconds

Koopa Suit

Lets the Koopas think your one of them, if you defeat a koopa, It will wear off. It will not work in boss fights.

Super Leaf

Lets you flutter.


There is a rumor of a sequel named "Mushroom Kindom Fighter 2: Subspace Attack".

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