Mushroom Kingdom FC were a association football team in the Fantendo Football League they joined in Season 3. Until joining the Nintendo Soccer League before Season 4. There two main rivals are Team Sonic FC and Nintendo All-Stars FC. They play at Peach Dome, and have the smallest pitch in the league, as it is used for other sports such as baseball.


Manager: Toadsworth
Formation: 4-4-2
GK Kritter
RB Yoshi
LB Donkey Kong
CB Wario
CB Bowser
RM Diddy Kong
LM Peach
CM Daisy
CM Luigi (vice-captain)
ST Bowser Jr.
ST Mario (captain)



Lubba - Goalkeeper
Birdo - Wing Back
Koopa Troopa - Right Centre Back
Shy Guy - Left Centre Back
Dry Bones - Defender
Baby Peach - Defensive Midfielder
Dixie Kong - Defensive Midfielder
Kamek - Winger
Petey - Cental Midfielder
Koopalings - Various
Mona - Striker
King Boo - Striker



The four stands are the Royal End, the stand with the boxes of medium size. Opposite to it is the largest stand the Mario Bros. stand. The two smallest stands are the Yoshi Corner and the WarioWare Rows.


Sung in the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme

We are Mush-room Kingdom FC

and we like to score lotsa' goals!

Luigi to score a screamer,

Mario to maul all the rest!

Just... like that!


  • For Season 3, Waluigi played in the starting 11 instead of Bowser.
  • Mario, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi all used to play for Team Freaky.
  • Since their kit bears a resemblence to Austria, this has earnt them the nickname The Austrians.
    • Albeit, this nickname isn't as commonly used as The Mushrooms.