Mushroom Kingdom: Final Challenge is a new game for the DSi/DS that is technically solely mini-games with other things. It was made by Red Inc. and C.I.A. Station, Inc.


What you do in MK: FC is with a friend/CPU, you dare other players to do a task or extreme stunt. There are 8 players to a round, and if you fail to do a stunt/task, you have 1 strike. 3 strikes, you're out. The last two players remaining must do the "Final Challenge" which is a difficult task in which you race your opponent. The winner goes to the next round. There are three rounds to a Tournament.

Playable Characters


There are various judges in the tournaments.


The tournaments for playing.

Single Player

The tournaments that can only be played with 1 player.


  • Paper Tournament
  • Baby Tournament


  • Angel Tournament
  • Devil Tournament


  • Bone Tournament
  • Pro Tournament
  • Ultra Tournament


The multiplayer/Wi-Fi tournaments.


  • Connect Tournament


  • Link Tournament


  • Bond Tournament


The game was received from different aspects. Some people said that the game was just a time-waster and nothing more than a spinoff. Others said that it was very entertaining and received greatly. It was rated 7.8 by IGN.

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