Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom War is a new Mario spinoff game made by Kirbybot-3000.This game is actually a tower defence.

Mushroom Kingdom:All Out War
Developer(s) Kirbybot-3000
Publisher(s) Kirbybot-3000
Platform(s) WiiU
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Rated E
Genre(s) Strategy
Series Super Mario
Predecessor  ???
Successor  ???


In the Mushroom Kingdom,Peach was having a party with Mario and Luigi.The Toads were kind enough to help setup.But then,Bowser came because plot twists!He sent Goombas to defat Mario!But Mario hit a block and a Super Mushroom came out.It looked at the goombas.Then it grew to massive size and crushed them!So Mario thought the Mushrooms could defeat Bowser's minions!So he hit the ? block again and more mushrooms came!Bowser fled,and the surviving Goombas went towards the Castle!And the Mushrooms attacked!


Name Image Actions Super Move Unlocking Criteria Upgrades Element Coins
Super Mushroom
Mushroom (Mario Kart 8)

Grows bigger and can jump on enemies.This usually 1-hit KO's enemies

The Super Mushroom can break Red Blocks.

Grows massive and ground pounds. The beginning of the game.

L2:Mega Slam


Normal 50
Fire Flower

Can Shoot fireballs.

Can destroy Orange Blocks

Can burn Goomba Cottages

Shoots a huge volcano ball. After beating the Thief Goomba in the tutorial.

L2:Double Fire

L3:Flame Jet

Fire 75
Cape Feather

Flies around,so no ground enemies can hit it.

Can spin around to do damage

Can break Yellow Blocks.

Can spin around to suck up enemies to shoot out. Complete Donut Plains-Level 2

L2:Tornado Spin


Flying 125
Tanooki Leaf
File:Tanooki Leaf K&K.png

Uses a tail to knock back enemies.

Can fly and spin.But stays in one spot.

Can break Orange Blocks

Can spin wood cogs.

Flies up,and turns into a statue.It kills all ground enemies with shockwaves Complete Donut Plains-Level 6

L2:Flying Dodge

L3:Tail Loop

Flying 100

Shoots bomb-like bubbles that to splash damage.

When defeated.Bob-ombs explode.

Can destroy Purple Blocks

Shoots a big bomb,which explodes into smaller cluster bombs. Complete Donut Plains-Level 11

L2:Air Shot

L3:Target Lock

Steel 75

A possesed Koopa Shell that can shoot green shells.

Has a rare chance to shoot a Red Shell,which homes enemies.

Has an EXTREMELY RARE chance to fire a blue shell.It is like a red shell,but explodes.

Can destroy Green,Red,and Blue blocks with the shells of the respective color

Shoots 3 blue shells. After completing Bob-omb Factory-Level 3 without any Koopas getting in.

L2:More Chancey

L3:Ice Shells

Normal 150

Shoots weak ice pellets that slow down enemies

Can freeze water.

Can destroy Blue Blocks.

Freezes all enemies After Completing Bob-Omb Factory-Level 7



Ice 75
Volcano Lotus
203px-Volcano Lotus

Spits firey goop that hurts enemies.

Does not destroy Color Blocks.

Blue lava now rises. After Completing Bob-Omb Factory-Level 13



Fire 225
Floaty Barrel
Flooats on water,so towers can be placed on water. The Barrel opens and banana peels come out. After defeating King Bobomb and going to Puffy Resort.



Water 25
Water Mushroom

Squirts Bubbles.

Can go on Water without Floaty Barrels.

Can destroy Blue Blocks

Causes a flood. After completing Puffy Resort-Level 4

L2:Water Jump

L3:Liquid Camo

Water 100
Big Cactus

Soaks up Water,then shoots it out with needles.

Can break Blue,and Green Blocks

Shoots a burst of needles After completing Puffy Resort-Level 9

L2:Pokey Spikes

L3:Defence Mechanism

Grass 175
Tough Mushroom
Blocks enemies. Gains armor...that barely fits him. After completing Puffy Resort-Level 13 with ONLY Super Mushrooms.

L2:Jump Attack


Normal 125
Hypno Egg
Posesses an enemy. N/A Defeat Bowser and stop the war. N/A Ghost


Name Image Description HP
Normal enemies.Can hit towers. 20
223px-KoopaTroopa MP9
These are like goombas,but can hide in their shells. 25
BobOmb YBA
These Bob-ombs have a darker tint,so you know they're evil.Watch out for that explosion! 20
Goombas with pyrokenesis. 30

Posessed Enemy Abilities

The abilities that enemies gain to help you

Goomba-Walks around,hurting enemies.

Koopa-Same as Goomba,but is faster in shell form.

Bobomb-Becomes a Bob-Omb tower

Flamba-A mix of a Goomba,and a Fire Flower.

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