Mushroom Fields is the first world in Super Mario and the Glowing Diamond. This world is very basic, and easy, so it should be completed without any problems. Basic enemies like Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Sky Troopas and many others make this world very easy to complete because there aren't that many traps. The boss of this world is Lemmy Koopa.


Mushroom Fields-1: Mushroom Fields Path

Mushroom Fields-2: Tilted Caves

Mushroom Fields-3: High in the Sky

Mushroom Fields-4: Lemmy's Tightrope Castle

Enemies Introduced


Koopa Troopas

Piranha Plants

Sky Troopas



Lemmy Koopa (boss)


  • If Mario does nothing in this world, he will start humming the music that plays.

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