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This is where all of the courses are for the Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart: Ultra Racers.

Luigi Circuit

This course is the beginning course, so it has no gimmicks.

Ghost Staffs

  • Mario is the Normal Staff Ghost.
  • Luigi is the Expert Staff Ghost.

Yoshi's Rainforest

This course is a Yoshi's Island course with many of the enemies.


  • Goonies will fly around the course.
  • Tap-Taps walking across the road.

Ghost Staff

  • Yoshi is the Normal Staff Ghost.
  • Birdo is the Expert Staff Ghost.

Peach's Castleground

This course is related to Peach's Garden. but without the Chain Chomps.


  • Monty Moles pop out of the ground.
  • A few Piranha PLants trying to bite you.
  • A couple of Rabbits hopping around.

Ghost Staff

  • Peach is the Normal Staff Ghost.
  • Daisy is the Expert Staff Ghost.

Chomp Desert

This courseis like Dry Dry Ruins, but with Chain Chomps.


  • Chain Chomps running freely.
  • Pokeys moving around.
  • Swoopers flying around in a tomb.

Ghost Staff

  • Dry Bones is the Normal Staff Ghost.
  • King Boo is the Expert Staff Ghost.

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