These are the courses in the MKK Mushroom Cup.

Mario Raceway/ Super Mario Circuit

Mario Swim

Mario Raceway, known as Super Mario Circuit in North America (USA), is often called the easiest and one of the shortest courses in Mario Kart Kinetic. You start off on a level, flat ground in a grassy field. Then you start off with a curve. The course is just a small oval, but hazards like Chain Chomps and Iron Goombas litter every nook and cranny. Off the course, small pools of lava reside for the unlucky souls that wandered to the far edge of the course. It is very dangerous off-road. Pumpkinhead Goombas drop down from the sky like parachutes, and Goombas wander like brainless chesnuts, in which case they are.


Croco Clouds/ Croco Staduim

Croco Clouds, or Croco Staduim in the America, is a golden colleseum up in the couds. As with name, it is run by Croco himself! You go through the center of the areana, then weave into the stands. The enemies are in the stands as the audience. This course is often called the hardest of the Mushroom Cup, because of the inclusion of Bullet Bills to hinder your race. Enemies run around as common as bees.


Hotfoot Highway/ Hotfoot Raceway

Baby Tunnels

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