Mushroom Carnival is an area from Super Smash Bros 4's Story Revenge of the Darkness. It has 3 levels and 1 boss here. This is the first place in the story also seen in the end cutsceen

To Next Location

Characters in the Story

Mega Begins

Ninja Attacks

Loard Bowser

After defeating Ninja, a cutsceen plays. Mega Man feels bad for the lost Ninja had to feel. So he revives him. Mario smiles and walks off to the castle. The others however, notace airships coming their way! The cannons started blasting Cannonballs to crush the towers of the Toads! Mario looed up and saw that upcoming doomships. Up in the ships, Bowser and his minions are preparing an attack on Peach! The gang saw a herd of Goombas and Koopa Troopas coming down on them. Mario and his team prepared up their powers as Mega Man left to stop Wily.

Boss: Big Bomb-omb

Defeating Bowser's 25 minions, a cutsceen plays. Bowser enters the control room where he summits his leading man Kamek who brings out a firing cannon that shoots out Bullet Bills on Mario and the others. Mario jumps off the head of Luigi spin in the air hiting the Bullet Bill on his noggin. Luigi spots three Bullets coming out on him. Luigi kicks the first two and punches away the third one sending it backwards back on Bowser! The airship falls apart reviling a back of Bomb-ombs. Toad screams! Bowser tosses a bomb at Toad sending him away off to a plains far away. Bowser and Big Bomb-omb prepare for the final attack. Mario, Luigi and Ninja jump up to stop him. The boss battle takes place on the airship falling down. Big Bomb-omb will throw Bomb-ombs for you to pick up and toss around. In phase 2, Big Bomb-omb gets mad and turns red! He'll add some hops before throwing the bomb-omb. After the fight, a cutsceen rolls. Big Bomb-omb falls to his doom in a pit of fire. Causeing him to explode! The three heroes saw as a darkness bomb explode the airships. Mario wonders about the princess and if she was safe. Ninja decided for them to check on her to warn her about both Bowser and the darkness bombs.

All Ends Well

After a long battle, Mario and all the others land back in the Mushroom Carnival. Kirby and his friend Kirby Lover7485 look upon the stars looking at each other. The heroes soon get in sight of the fireworks as the credits roll featuring a cast of all the characters in the story.

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