Mushroom Behemoth
Our wonderful god of apocalypses.
Current Age Immortal
Gender Male
Current Status Trapped in a box by the Mushroom Mages
Mushroom Mages
Family and Relations
Mushroom Mages
Main Weapon(s) Anything dangerous
Vulnerable To The Behemoth Wand on top of his head
God of Apocalypses, God of Demons, God of Evil, God of Cataclysm, God of Nightmares
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Latest Appearance Super Mario: Mushroom Behemoth's Revenge
The Mushroom Behemoth is a godly demon created by the Mushroom Mages after their trapped forms overflow with hatred and evil.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

Pre-Mushroom Kingdom

This is the time before the Mushroom Kingdom was fully established.

The Legend of Behemoth

According to legend, after the Mushroom Mages were chosen as the Mages, they were given a power to use if they were trapped in immobile forms. The power was to keep using magic and use hate to summon the God of Apocalyses.

The Luigi Era

Toadus and other Toads arrived in the area where the Mushroom Kingdom is today. After building the Toadus Castle, they began to have problems with the Mushroom Mages. Then Luigi came from the future and was hired by Toadus to get rid of the Mages. Luigi went around the kingdom with the Behemoth Wand and transformed the mages into artifacts. Then Luigi left for the future.

The God is Born

It was ten years after Luigi came around and the artifacts have overloaded with magic and hatered. The hatred and magic created the Mushroom Behemoth who began to destroy everything. All hope seemed lost until Donkey Kong came and Toadus gave him the Behemoth Wand and DK trapped the beast. Leaving the wand in the volcano of Yoshi's Island, he went back to the future.

Post-Mushroom Kingdom

The Kremlings found the Behemoth Wand and got crushed by the monster. So, Mario and the others summoned the Mushroom Mages and convinced them to help. After the Mushroom Behemoth's defeat, it was sealed in a box and the Mages left for the heavens.

Super Mario: Mushroom Behemoth's Revenge

The Mushroom Behemoth Appeared as the 7th boss in wario's story in super mario: mushroom behemoth's revenge.


  • The pose the Mushroom Behemoth has in his artwork resemble Mario's art for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The Mushroom Behemoth has the eyes of the I Mage and Page Mage, the mouth of the Kong Mage, and some armor of War Mage.