Murdoch Possum
Murdoch Possum
Full Name Murdoch Possum
Current Age 18
Date of Birth March 27, 1994
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Hero, Leader
The Crystal Guards - Leader
Family and Relations
Beatrix Possum - mother; deceased
Nolan Possum - father; deceased
Main Weapon(s) Dagger
Ability/ies Hand-to-hand combat
Strong, prehensile tail
Skilled w/ dagger
Vulnerable To Water
Captain Murdoch
Voice Actor(s)
Serj Tankian
First Appearance
Latest Appearance

Murdoch Possum (Mudoku Yubimusubi) is the son of the now deceased Nolan and Beatrix Possum.

Physical Description


Under construction


Super Smash Bros. Maximum!

Murdoch appears here as a Downloadable character. His Specials are:

His special attacks are;

Standard B ButtonStabMurdoch stabs the enemy with his dagger.
B Button+SideNight BladeMurdoch coats his dagger in Darkness energy and dash-slashes at the foe, leaving a purple-black trail of fire in its wake that jumps out from the blade a bit. Both the fire and the dagger itself can deal damage, although the fire is slightly weaker.
B Button+UpBlinding DashMurdoch becomes surrounded in Holy Energy, hovering in place for a split second, before dashing forward in a straight line. Similar to Fox's Fire Fox in that it can deal damage to the opponent, but Murdoch's attack is executed much more quickly. The direction Murdoch dashes can be controlled by tilting the Control stick in the desired direction.
B Button+DownFlame TailMurdoch coats his long tail in fire and swings it at the foe. It deals moderate damage, and has excellent range.
Final SmashVulcan Murdoch

Paper Fantendo: Dimensions Destiny


Stamina 8
Attack 9
Defense 9
Speed 6
Reflexes 6
Magic 0
Psyche 5
Intellect 8
Total 51/80

Murdoch uses an unusually long dagger as his weapon of choice (given to him by his father, Nolan Possum), but he also has advanced combat abilities and is capable of using Pyrokinesis, Solarakinesis and Spectrakinesis. All of his attacks are strictly physical.


His tail, which is 70% muscle (20% cartilage, 3% bone and 7% blood vessels), is strong enough to easily support his weight (as well as 75 extra pounds) whenever he uses it to hang from an object, such as a tree branch. He often hangs from objects as a means of spying upon others or surveying the land, and he also uses his tail in conjunction with his paws to quickly scale trees and other objects. He does not, however, sleep upside-down (he tried it once and had a bad headache the next morning). One powerful swing from Murdoch's muscle-bound tail can break bones and SWATbots.

The nearly invisible, super-sensitive hairs on Murdoch's tail are capable of detecting even the most subtle changes in the air.

His tail is filled with blood vessels (7% is more than you think), making it a weak spot as well as a weapon; if Murdoch's tail was punctured/lacerated deeply enough, he could bleed to death.

Vulcan Murdoch

Murdoch has a super form known as Vulcan Murdoch, in which the indigo blue parts of his fur turn orange, the peach parts of his fur turn yellow and the black tips of his ears, as well as the black tuft on his head, turn into flames (hence the name Vulcan Murdoch). Murdoch's super form is obtained through the use of a special crystal (which is now his earring) that was given to him as a child. The earring must come into contact with extreme heat in order to trigger Murdoch's super form.

Friends and Foes







Murdoch is very headstrong, stubborn, and sometimes rude, but highly loyal and more than willing to do anything for his friends. It is also shown that Murdoch has a blatant disrespect towards authority figures.



Biggest Fears


"Didn't anyone ever tell you to NOT grab a possum by the tail?"

"Rulers don't practice what they preach. That's why they're tyrants."



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