Muppet Party is a party game similar to the likes of Mario Party. It is a collab between Randomfrog and Lenneh.


Characters in bold are unlockable, Characters in Italics are DLC.

Name Description
TBA Kermit The Frog Kermit is the host of the Muppet show and the face of the Muppets. He is arguably the most well known Muppet, and naturally, the game’s story mode mainly focuses on him.
TBA Miss Piggy Miss Piggy, on the outside, is a feminine, harmless pig, but when any insults her or gets in her way, they will receive a karate chop to the face.
TBA Rowlf Rowlf started off small and was made for advertising dog food but now he and his music has found his way onto the Muppet stage and into our hearts.
TBA Gonzo Gonzo is known for his stunts and his crazy antics, although his species is currently unknown.
TBA Fozzie Fozzie is the comedian of The Muppet characters, but he’s not really good at being one, nine times out of ten his jokes falling flat and getting no laughs from a crowd.
TBA Doctor Teeth The leader of the Electric Mayhem with a large grin. He plays the keyboard and does vocals.
TBA Janice The laid back, lead guitar player of the Electric Mayhem. Is a nurse at the medical-opera trying to pass as a hospital, Veterinarian's Hospital.
TBA Floyd Floyd is one of the lead vocalists in the Electric Mayhem. He can also play the guitar.
TBA Zoot A burnt-out, fifty-year old man who’s skilled with a saxaphone. Is Jewish and sleeps in a phone booth.
TBA Swedish Chef Svedeesh Cheff is a muupet cuuk vhu speeks Muck Svedeesh. Børk! Børk! Børk!
TBA Dr.Bunsen Honeydew Bunsen is a inventor who often gets excited about his creations, but often doesn’t notice when they malfunction and hurt his lab partner Beaker.
TBA Beaker Beaker is Bunsen’s lab partner and guinea pig, though not by choice. He dreams of being a singer but it seems unlikely when nobody can understand him.
TBA Camilla Camilla is Gonzo’s chicken girlfriend. I don’t know how that kind of relationship starts, but it did.
TBA Rizzo Rizzo is a sarcastic, joke-making rat who seems to wear a different outfit every time he appears on camera.
TBA Robin Robin is Kermit’s nephew. He hates his height and often wishes he could be a grown up.

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