Mundo Lapso
Developer(s) Hammy Logooo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
January 17th 2015
Genre(s) Puzzle

Mundo Lapso is an umbrella game made by Hamclub13 (tbc). This is not a fighting game, unlike most umbrella games. It is, in fact, a puzzle game. This might be to allow characters that normally would be unable to be playable in fighting games have a role.


Gameplay involves 2, 4, 8 or 10 characters in a large maze. The camera angle follows your character around the maze, rather than giving you an overhead view as you would expect. You must reach the center of the maze or a designated location before your opponents in order to win.  On your way, you will encounter special events known as Puzzles. Puzzles will block your path until you beat them. If you fail a Puzzle, you will get put back to the start or get a negative effect. If you encounter an opponent, there are a few actions to hinder them. You can use an item on them or attack them. Each character can lunge after other players, serving as a ranged attack. This will harm them a bit. Every character has a health bar of 50 health points. You can also do a close-up attack which will harm foes even more. However, if you and your opponent look at eachother then both of you will be sent to the start of the labyrinth immediately.

Game Modes

Fallen World

The story mode of this game. You play as various characters roaming through mazes in various worlds, all being destroyed. There are portals leading to other worlds and mazes. The characters must find out who is behind the destruction of their worlds and bring them back.

Maze Mode

You freely pick from any character you have unlocked and any mazes you have. You can adjust the settings to make your ideal match.


You choose two characters to be on a team together.

Speed Run

You time yourself to see how fast you can beat the maze.

Puzzle Plaza

Whenever you complete a Puzzle for the first time, you get a key. These keys open doors in the Plaza which let you replay Puzzles at any time.



Image Name Description Stats Exclusive Item
PinkiePieArtwork Pinkie Pie The fun-lovin' party pony of Ponyville is here to brighten up your day! She has a huge hop in her step and encounters any Puzzle with a smile on her face and a song in her head. Representing the Spirit of Laughter, Pinkie Pie has some cartoony manouvers and her toothless alligator, Gummy.

Speed: 5/10

Jump: 9/10

Skill: 2/10

Power: 4/10

Party Cannon

A blue cannon which Pinkie Pie brings everywhere with her, but very inconveniently lost. This can blast confetti at opponents and solve any Puzzle for you.

Rainbow dash flying Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a great flyer, capable of causing a sonic rainboom. Deemed greatest young flyer in Equestria by Princess Celestia herself, she is a tomboy and a Wonderbolts trainee. She represents the Spirit of Loyalty and has a turtle with a propellor named Tank.

Speed: 10/10

Jump: 8/10

Skill: 2/10

Power: 3/10

Sonic Rainboom

Rainbow Dash flies high into the air and crashes into the ground, causing a Sonic Rainboom. This will destroy surrounding walls.

Paper Mario Stan Paper Mario Mario is overrated and so his Paper form appears! He has gone on many adventures (four, to be exact) in the Mushroom Kingdom with his partners by his side and this is no exception! Except... his partners are now items.

Speed: 2/10

Jump: 5/10

Skill: 8/10

Power: 5/10


Paper Mario gets a book full of Stickers and Kerista helps him temporarily. During this time Paper Mario can place down random stickers, each with random effects.

440px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Toad Toad is a simple resident of Toad Town and a good friend of Mario. He has excellent speed, similar to two other fast blue creatures. His sister, Toadette, is more well known than him, so now is his chance to shine!

Speed: 9/10

Jump: 5/10

Skill: 3/10

Power: 5/10

Mega Mushroom

Toad eats a Mega Mushroom and becomes giant, breaking walls and becoming invincible. However, this only lasts for a couple of seconds and some walls cannot be destroyed.

KirbySSB4 Kirby Face it, this guy's the cutest thing in video game history. He's a cannibal, but an adorable one at that. How does he fit everything he eats into that tiny stomach? Nobody knows.

Speed: 2/10

Jump: 9/10

Skill: 7/10

Power: 4/10

Sapphire Warp Star

Kirby boards a red Warp Star, increasing his speed dramatically. Any opponents or hazards ran into will be destroyed. This helps with space themed puzzles.

250px-Yoshiwiiularge Yoshi Yoshi is a lovable dragon-dinosaur thing and one of a large species. He has a huge tongue and can create numerous eggs. He also has to take care of babies for some reason.

Speed: 7/10

Jump: 8/10

Skill: 5/10

Power: 3/10

Mega Eggdozer

Yoshi gets a giant egg which will roll around the maze, destroying opponents and Puzzles. Rarely, this will be a Metal Eggdozer, which destroys walls.


Image Name Description Stats Exclusive Item Method
407px-SSB4 - Sonic Artwork Sonic Sonic is a super speedy blue hedgehog. Wow, three fast blue characters. Maybe there are some more that I can include... Anyway, Sonic is used to fighting robots and the occasional Olympic event. This'll be new for him...

Speed: 10/10

Jump: 3/10

Skill: 5/10

Power: 5/10

Colour Power

Sonic gets power from all the wisps, gaining speed, becoming invincible and solving Puzzles much quicker.

Play Doubles with Rainbow Dash and Toad.
PinkGoldPeach Pink Gold Peach

Every good game needs this gal, right? She's better than Peach in every way and is loved by all. She is praised highly, almost godess-like.

Speed: 8/10

Jump: 1/10

Skill: 6/10

Power: 6/10

Pink Gold Laser

Pink Gold Peach shoots an almighty laser at her opponents, blasting them back to the start and slowing them down for the rest of the game.

Use the Metal Box 10 times.
Gasparo redesign remake by Biel Gasparo Gasparo is totally not orange Mario. That is bad opinion. Is not my opinion. It must be bad. Okay, well this version maintains the original Gasparo's most famous trait (being a shallow recolour) but adds a stockart hat. Yay.

Speed: 2/10

Jump: 3/10

Skill: 1/10

Power: 4/10

Recolour Bomb

Gasparo throws down a recolour bomb which covers the maze in paint. This makes it slighly slippery, but Gasparo has cool shoes that let him not slip.

Lose any Puzzle 5 times.
Rumble Sprite 1 Rumble McSkirmish Rumble is a character from a Street Fighters-esque fighting game. He was brought into the real world by Dipper Pines and can use Tacos to power up. He's still made of pixels, however.

Speed: 5/10

Jump: 4/10

Skill: 2/10

Power: 10/10

Super Big Combo

Rumble uses his Super Power Ninja Turbo Neo Ultra Hyper Mega Multi Alpha Meta Extra Uber Prefix COMBO, sending opponents to the start and resetting all Puzzles.

Find him in Fallen World
257Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken is a Fire-Fighting type Pokémon with a fiery attitude! He is fierce and speedy. Why is he here you ask? HOENN CONFIRMED!

Speed: 6/10

Jump: 4/10

Skill: 2/10

Power: 8/10

Ruby & Sapphire

Blaziken somehow summons Groudon or Kyogre. Groudon will make large holes in the ground while Kyogre floods the maze.

Use a Pokéball 10 times
Lucario SSB4 Artwork Lucario Lucario is a Steel-Fighting type Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. SINNOH CONFIRMED! Not really. But as we're adding Blaziken, we might as well add in Lucario.

Speed: 7/10

Jump: 5/10

Skill: 2/10

Power: 7/10

Mega Stone

Lucario Mega-Evolves into Mega Lucario, boosting all his stats dramatically.

Play as Blazekin 5 times
PacmanSmash Pac-Man Pac-Man has seriously evolved throughout the years. He went from being a pixely three quarters of a yellow circle to his current state! He has a huge appetite, like three other characters here.

Speed: 3/10

Jump: 4/10

Skill: 8/10

Power: 6/10

Classic Pac

Pac-Man eats a power pellet and becomes classic Pac-Man, immediately solving Puzzles and dealing some serious damage to foes.

Win on Fantendo Chat twice.
Lisaa Lisa Simpson Lisa is the smartest in the Simpson family, residing in Springfield. She plays the saxophone well and is excellent in school.

Speed: 4/10

Jump: 5/10

Skill: 9/10

Power: 3/10


Lisa gets her saxophone and plays it as she runs. This slows you down slightly, but it paralyzes opponents for the time being.

Solve 20 Puzzles
Splatoon Ika Ika Ika is an Inkling girl from an upcoming amazing game called Splatoon. She wields an ink gun and can transform into a squid-like creature.

Speed: 8/10

Jump: 6/10

Skill: 3/10

Power: 4/10

Good Guys

Ika summons her fellow team-mates, the Good Guys. They run around the maze, attacking opponents and leaving the ground slippery.

Trip 15 times
HoneyQueenMKH Honey Queen Greetings, drone bees. It is I, Honey Queen, highly respected monarch of the Honeyhive Galaxy. I am also a skilled racer, if I do say so myself. But alas, my racing days are over.

Speed: 1/10

Jump: 7/10

Skill: 5/10

Power: 2/10

Bee Squad

Honey Queen enlists a troop of her best bee minions to attack her foes and pillage any items from around the course. Three will stay with her as protection.

Win 20 times



Image Name Description Mode
Canterlot S1E26 Canterlot The home of Princesses Luna and Celestia fashions a gigantic garden with a maze made of bushes. You also end up in the castle near the end. Discord appears in the maze. Escape
Ufpeachcastle Peach's Castle Princess Peach's castle maintains its appearance from Super Mario 64. You can jump into paintings such as Tick-Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride and Bob-Omb Battlefield. Scavenger Hunt
Ssb-3ds-lumiose-stage Lumiose City This city is a maze in itself. We didn't have to alter it one bit! It can be dark in the alleyways, but very bright in the street. Escape
17inchat Fantendo Chat What? How'd we get here? This is Fantendo's main chat on a really good day. You can get lost in mazes of text and avatars. Scavenger Hunt


Image Name Description Mode Method
Pac maze Pac-Man Maze A maze in itself, we only enhanced it, adding more routes and making it bigger. You must avoid Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde while collecting pellets. Say, Pinky sounds a lot like Pinkie Pie... Elimination Unlock Pac-Man
Honey Hive Galaxy Honeyhive Galaxy An amazing galaxy filled with giant trees and bees. The Bee Mushroom is really common here. Honey Queen resides in this galaxy where water is dangerous! Escape Unlock Honey Queen
MK8 Twisted Mansion Twisted Mansion Woah woah woah woah! This place has changed! It introduces an anti-gravity feature which is reused in some other courses. It changes as you travel, like that one ghostly board in Mario Party 8. Racers will also drive around, driving into you and throwing items. Escape Use the Boo Muchroom 10 times



Image Name Description Rarity
ORAS Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire HOENN CONFIRMED HOENN CONFIRMED HOENN CONFIRMED!!!!! This item fills you with excitement and gives you a great burst of speed. They're very common BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL OVER THE INERNET!1111!!1 Common
Boo-mushroom Boo Mushroom Boo! Did I scare you? Of course I didn't. I'm just text on a purple table. Anyway, a Boo Mushroom turns you into a ghost for a short time, allowing you to pass through walls. Rare
Metal box Metal Box Ha ha. You thought we meant the Metal Box from the Super Smash Bros. series? Too bad. Still, this one has the same effect. Just jump in! Uncommon
Heart contener Heart Container Lovely! A fancy heart embroidered with gold. It half heals you. Rare



  • The name, Mundo Lapso, is Latin for "fallen world"
    • The story mode in this game is named Fallen World