Munchy Monsters - 100 Person Mania
RPBoxart MM
The boxart of the game. The rating will coming soon.
Developer(s) GreenStar Studios


Publisher(s) GreenStar Studios


Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

New Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
JP: March 25 2016

NA: March 27 2016

EU: March 30 2016

OC: March 31 2016

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Beat'em Up, Chaos
Series Munchy Monsters
Media Included Wii U Disk

Nintendo 3DS cardridge

New 3DS cardridge

Cost TBA

Munchy Monsters - 100 Person Mania is a chaotic beat'em up game for all the ages exclusive for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, developed and published by GreenStar Studios and Fantendo. They also confirmed that the game will be maked originally for New Nintendo 3DS and including amiibo content and DLC. The game is based of colored jelly-like monsters that they eat themselves.

There's also a Nintendo eShop game for Nintendo 3DS called: Munchy PetsIt's a caring game like Nintendogs. It allows you to take care of your monster and play some minigames. You can transfer your monster from the handheld console to the Wii U, to play as your costumized pet. How long you win and take care of your monster, he level up to lvl. 100. 



During E3, the objective to win is that monsters up to 100 players must eat each other to survive until the clock runs out. These monsters looks blobby, grey, slmall and jelly-like moving monsters, so it's obvious that they want to eat each other for these reasons. If the players eat more monsters, how more he grows more until he turns to be red, appearing an another small lifebar. When the player is being eaten by other monster, it appears a lifebar that it runs slowly out. When the lifebar is empty, the monster will explode with covered paint spots and it's game over. Items are also handy to eat monsters very easly.

Survival Mode

The title says it self. It's similar as Free-for-All but monsters must survival as long as possible, without the clock. The last stander wins the game.

Painting Mode

Painting Mode allows you to not eat monsters, but the objective to win this game, monsters must paint with their own color the stage by moving around fast as possible. How more you have painted, how greater. At the end of the game, it will count in percent how many spots they left behind. The winner is one of the highest percantage. 

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode allows you to survive in an monster island with your own Mii. Further details will coming soon...

Online Mode



These monsters are confirmed at E3. Note that it was confimed that there will be more coming soon:

Image + Name: Description: Berry: Strengths: Weaknesses:


Grey Monster

These monsters has no transformation form and the players will get start the battle with these. N/A Balanced No transformation form.

RedMonster MM

Red Monster

These are full-up growed monsters with full lifebar. They are more powerful but it takes many space into the level. If you have these monsters, it appears an extra lifebar only for red monsters. It drains faster than the normal one. Red Berry (this berry is rare to find)
  • Full form
  • Can eat monsters with ease.
  • Leaves to much space behind.
  • Easy to being catched.

YellowMonster MM

Yellow Monster

These monsters can inhale other monsters from the distance for short time. Yellow Berry

Can inhale opponents.

While inhaliing, he moves slower.

BlueMonster MM100PM

Blue Monster

These monsters can move faster than others. Blue Berry
  • Can move fast.
  • Opponents can't catch him so easly.
  • Not very powerful
  • Has terrible skid moves.


Pink Monster

These monsters makes other monsters asleep if they're around them for short time.

PinkBerry MM

Pink Berry

Makes opponents asleep

Very slow

BlackMonster MM

Black Monster

These monsters can explode themselfs and it cause much way damage to other monsters. It can be used only 1 time. Black Berry
  • Makes too much damage to the monsters.
  • It takes much area around his explosion.
  • Causes himself little damage.
  • Rest himself for awhile after explosion.

OrangeMonster MM

Orange Monster

These monsters are spiked that give them brief invincibility. Orange Berry


Cannot move so fast. 

PoisonMonster MM

Violet Monster

These monsters leave violet inky poison on the ground. When other monsters touch that poison, the lifebar of them will decrease. It can be used 3 times. Violet Berry
  • Leaves poison around himself.
  • It takes good damage to opponents. 
  • Moves very slow.
  • Poison can disapear fastly.

BrownMonster MM

Brown Monster

These monsters leave brown inky mud on the ground for a short time, it makes other monsters slow to move exept the brown monsters. Brown Berry
  • Leaves much space on the ground.
  • Faster than Violet Monster
  • Water monsters can move easly in the mud.
  • Very weak

CyanMonster MM

Light Blue Monster

These monsters pump water to other monsters in the distance. It protect liquid monsters because these are very fragile. He also can mke monsters trip on the ground. Light Blue Berry

Can remove mud and fire. He's also fast.

Very light and weak = takes much damage.

GreenMonster MM

Green Monster

These monsters are allowed to jump while other monsters can't. Green Berry
  • Can attack with their foots.
  • Fast
  • Can eat less.
  • Escape is the only solution.

WhiteMonster MM

White Monster

These monsters spit fire to others monsters, that makes damage. White Berry

Can vanish Cyan Monster.

Can being vanished by Light Blue Monster.

CyanMonster MM100PM

Cyan Monster

These monsters can freeze other monsters for a short time. Cyan Berry Can freeze easily the Bubble Monster. Can be vanished by the White Monster.

LilacMonster MM100PM

Lilac Monster

These monsters can teleport 3 times where do you want to stay to. Lilac Berry Can escape chaos at secured places. While choosing a place, the teleporting time is small.

OcherMonster MM

Ocher Monster

These monster can stop the time and stop surrounding him with his forcefield. Ocher Berry Can stop monsters of moving for a instant time.
  • It can only stop monsters inside his forcefield.
  • The Lilac Monster is the only monster that it can move around him, after teleporting.


In this game, it also allows you to use amiibo for a better gameplay. At the E3, they announced that you can use other amiibos from other games such as Super Smash Bros. for wii U/3DSSplatoonSuper Mario or Chibi-Robo! from his recent amiibo from Chibi-Robo: Zip-lash!. With these amiibos, monsters has special abilities to make the gameplay more fun and easy to play:

  • Mario Amiibo: Spit bouncy fireballs.
  • Luigi Amiibo: Inhales with a Poltergust.
  • Peach Amiibo: Throws veggies with a target marker to other monsters.
  • Bowser Amiibo: Spit fire with a long distance.
  • Donkey Kong Amiibo: Slams on the ground.
  • Link Amiibo: Makes a Spin Attack.
  • Samus Amiibo: Charges and fires a Charge Shot.
  • Kirby Amiibo: (to be added - HammerBroBuddy)
  • Fox Amiibo: Activates a reflector.
  • Pikachu Amiibo: Charges and makes a thunder attack.
  • Pit Amiibo: Uses his arrows.
  • Villager Amiibo: Makes a tree and then, with a axe, cuts the tree down.
  • Mega Man Amiibo: Charges and fires Mega Buster.
  • Wii Fit Trainer Amiibo: Heals you by making a Deep Breath.
  • Olimar Amiibo: Plucks Pikmin and throws them.
  • Toon Link Amiibo: Throws bombs.
  • Sonic Amiibo: Can move faster than Blue Monster and spin dashes.
  • Marth Amiibo: Can break every object and traps with his Shield Breaker.
  • Rosalina Amiibo: Launches Star Bits.
  • Zelda Amiibo: Makes Nayru's Love.
  • King Dedede Amiibo: Hits with a big hammer.
  • Lucario Amiibo: Makes a Aura Sphere and fires.
  • Little Mac Amiibo: When the KO-gauge is full, KO's an opponent with no mercy.
  • Diddy Kong Amiibo: Throws banana peels.
  • Zero Suit Samus Amiibo: Launches a Plasma Whip.
  • Sheik Amiibo: Throws a Burst Grenade.
  • Yoshi Amiibo: Swallow opponents and then lays eggs.
  • Charizard Amiibo: Rock smashes.
  • Greninja Amiibo: Charges a Water Shuriken.
  • Inkling Amiibo: Spit ink to the other monsters.
  • ...


This game also offers DLC for additional powers for monsters. GreenStar Studios gives new special abilities, similar the amiibo's, from Fantendo:

  • Unten DLC Outfit: 
  • Riddle DLC Outfit: Shoot stars with a target marker to other monsters. 
  • ...

This DLC pack will be come out soon...



  • Teleport Lilac Monster: Idea given by HammerBroBuddy.


"Leave a comment when you have an idea to make a monster. Thnx! :)"


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