Mummy MM3
Mummy's appearance from McBoo's Mansion 3.
Full Name Boo-Boo McBoo
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location TBA
Align left
Current Status Alive (in ghost form)
Dead (as human)
Class Allie
Family and Relations
Papah (father)
McBoo (son)
Boo-Boo (son)
Main Weapon(s) Unknown
Vulnerable To Vacuums, Stomps
Latest Appearance McBoo's Mansion Wii

Mummy is McBoo and Boo-Boo's mother and the wife of Papah. She was a very good mother, until she was kidnapped, along with her whole family. She appears in McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1, as an NPC. Her cousin-in-law is Lydia.


McBoo's Mansion 3: Episode 1Edit

Character Name Description
Mummy MM3 Mummy McBoo's loving mother that was hurt the worst out of anyone else in the accident and was bandaged up. She and her husband Papah lost McBoo in the accident and were reunited after the killer threatened them again.