Boss: Mummipokey

Mummipokey is a Pokey Mummy who first appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros. as the boss of world 2. To defeat him Mario must wait until Mummipokey comes above groung and then jump on his head, he must do this 3 times to defeat him.


Mummy D.I.Y.

Mummipokey will be appearing in the game New Super Mario Bros. D.I.Y. as a boss that you can insert in one of your levels.

Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest

Mummipokey's Stats
Location Yoshi's Island
HP 900
Power 35; 50; 65; 30
Defense 60
EXP 80
Coins 58
Items Super Hammer Badge

A Shadow Shard

Mummipokey appears as a Boss in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest in the Great Cave of Yoshi's Island. He's the final Boss of the chapter, meaning he has the Shadow Shard in the island. Some of Mummipokey's attacks are actually similar to Pokey's but causes more damage. He also have different attacks such as the Rock Spit, Spike Throw and Digga Hit.

Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

Mummipokey appears as one of the bossess in the Gritzy Valley stage before you enter the pyramid. Though, unlike all the other bossess, Mummipokey doesn't speak before battle.



Mummipokey's Stats

Attack Segments: 245

Head: 276

Defense Segments: 250

Head: 289


In this battle, Mummipokey is complicated to defeat, The player must destroy each Segment and hit the head, After all segments are destroyed, The head will be vunerable for 30 seconds until the Segments regenerate. Mummipokey attacks by spitting goo (Head) and crushing you with it's body (Segments), It also digs underground, Homing the player and rising upward to damage it.

Fortress Fiend

Mummipokey returns in New Super Mario Bros YoYo Games. He is in the Koopegyptian Desert Small Pyramid (Fortress), under the work of Roy Koopa.

New Super Mario Heroes U

Mummipokey returns in New Super Mario Heroes U as a Tower boss at World 3; Mummipokey's Desert. You have to throw Koopa shell 3 times at him. You can also throw 9 fireballs at him.

New Super Mario Brothers 3-D

Mummipokey makes an appearance as Boss of World 2, and again in the World 8 Boss Rush. Defeating him unlocks World 3 or World 4, depending on your health by the end

I AM... Defeated

Mummipokey returns in Godzilla vs. Bowser as Morton's minion and World 2 Fortess boss.



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