Image Description Attack
Cat Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Cat Goomba pounces in! Attack: Lets out meow, and claws opponents.
M&S2016,Metalsonic Metal Sonic zooms foward! Attack: Shoots lazers out of eyes, knocking opponents around the stage.
C 11th doctor-2 Dr. Who arrives just in time! Jumps in TARDIS, which falls on nearest enemy.
Unikitty Uni-Kitty releases the rainbows! Jumps in from background, and turns into Angry Kitty when summoner is attacked.
Ridley2 Ridley flies in the fray! Flies in from side, and crashes into opponents while you ride on his back.
222px-Ned Flanders Ned Flanders is always welcome! Greets the opponents, and summons Jesus.
Titanfall pilot and titan The Titan breaks the wall through! Appears, and lets summoner pilot for 20 seconds.
Kraf KRAF never says noctopus! When summoned, the word KRAF appear, and opponents are blinded for a few seconds.

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