This page is the full roster of all bosses for Multiverse Umbrella.

Image Name Series Description
PeteySSBI Petey Piranha Super Mario Bros.  The giant piranha plant from Mario's world. He attacks by using his leafy arms and biting on the character's head. You must defeat him by filling him with water, then attacking his belly button.
Kraid3d Kraid Metroid A monster taken control by Akrivus. It attacks with it's long, spindly fingers and it's newfound horned helmet. To defeat it, you have to make his helmet fall off three times, then stab the red zit on it.
PrismoM5P Prismo Adventure Time It is revealed after he was "killed" by The Lich, Prismo was reformed in Heaven, never having a mortal body. He now serves as a trainer to the heroes, not any enemy.

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