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Multiverse Umbrella
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries/Nintendo/Sega/Sony/etc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Dream, Xbox One, PS4
Release Date(s)
January 19th, 2013
Multi-Book, All Out, Cheat Room, Options, Training Arena
Age Rating(s)
E10 and Up
Genre(s) Fighting/Action
Media Included Game Disc, Controller, Free OOCR figure

Multiverse Umbrella or Umbrella U is an Umbrella game by Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Nintendo, SEGA, Microsoft, Sony, Universal Studios, and other companies. It is the first time ICGI has made an Umbrella Game, and the first on to feature a Skylander-like toy system.

It was made on 10/31/13 in America, and 10/24/13 in Japan.


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The picture that started it all.

On one blog, Meme911 saw a poster made by Legendary Pop Fizz about his favorite character, Randall Boggs, fighting against an IP. Laughing, Meme asked LPF if he wanted to make an Umbrella game with him. He agreed, and they began work at once.


Much like Smash Brothers, the game relies on playable fighters and items. Each fighter comes with five moves, the fifth one being a Final Smash of sorts. You can only use the fifth move when a certain power meter at the top of the screen is filled.

Each character has a character they work "best" with. When working with this character, their attacks go up by 1.5, giving them a slight advantage. However when they work far apart from each other, their strength weakens. They can also execute bro specials.


Multi Book: The story mode of the game. All heroes and villains must stop the evil Observer Of Chat Rooms from ending all multiverse's. 

All-Out: Where you can duke it out with up to 5 players. Change the mode of All-Out to make it more exciting!

Cheat Room: Where you can trade in Tokens for cheats on Story Mode. Options: Where you can delete, make music, change the settings, and more!

Training Arena: Where you can train for All-Out! Unlike SSBB, the trainers try to kill you.


Prolouge: One Man's Hatred

Long ago, there were two worlds: Outer Tendomania, and Inner Tendomania. Once, both of these worlds were once one a whole planet, known as Tendomania.

But it all changed one day.

The Outer Tendomania was home to what the gods called Peacquins, and The Inner Tendomania is home to Storkils. But...

What if I told you that soon, there will be no Outer Tendomania, and the Storkils try to take over? Sad, I know.

But there are only two people who can command the Storkils: The Lord Of Dreams, and The Dark Lord.

Who they really are is a mystery, but one thing is for sure:

Both of these demons can control almost anything. Imagine yourself, being controlled by two blood-thirsty demons! Frightful, huh?

Well, I do believe I'm the only one who knows the true idenity of one. Why? Because...

Bill and I were friends.

Chapter 1: When Storkils Strike

The story starts with Mario and Luigi roaming around the Mushroom Kingdom. Everything is peaceful...or so it seems. Suddenly, Bowser's Airship flies over the Mario Bros' house, and heads towards Peach's Castle! The two bros run after the ship, starting ANOTHER adventure to stop Bowser.

Soon, they make it to the castle, only to find Peach and Bowser locked in a cage, guarded by a stork-like enemy. The brothers attack him, only to find there are more of these creatures hiding in the shadows! After beating them, Mario frees both Peach and Bowser, hoping they'd help them. Peach agrees to help, while Bowser reluctantly says yes.

The four make their way to the throne room, only to find the same stork-things shoving Gumball Watterson in another cage. The four stop the regal-dressed alien, and free Gumball from his cage. It's revealed that the aliens are called Storkils, and their leader is named Akrivus. Now with Gumball, the group go to the roof of the castle, only to find Akrivus activating a portal of some kind.

Akrivus sees them, and walks in without a care. The group runs after him into the portal, hoping to get some answers.


Dipper Pines and his sister, Mabel Pines, were relaxing in the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls one night, when Grunkle Stan, their uncle, tells them it's time for bed. After a few minutes of running around, the siblings fall asleep. Stan proceeds to go outside to spray paint the town's police department when he stumbles upon a portal. Thinking there's treasure inside, he goes in to see.

Stan finds that he's walking in a dimensional fork-in-the-road, and goes down the middle path. He hears voices, and hides behind a wall, and see Akrivus talking to the dream demon, Bill Cipher. Akrivus walks in a portal marked Hyrule Field, and leaves Bill behind. Bill, when no one (except Stan) is there, he starts talking about his "master plan" to overthrow the king.

Stan is shoved from behind the wall, in front of Bill Cipher. The source of the shoving is a group of monsters, known as the Deadly Six. Bill Cipher explains to Stan what he plans to do with him, and shoots Stan with a gold lazer blast. Stan gets up, only to be turned into a monster with one eye, a bow tie, a pitch black fez, black gloves, sleeves, and a gold brick pattern on his body, known as a Cipherite.

Zavok tells Cipherite Stan to invade the portal marked Gravity Falls, and Stan does so, holding a pitch black cane. Bill and Zavok laugh menacingly, with Bill saying he'll over throw Akrivus soon enough.

Hyrule Fields 

We see Link playing his Ocarina in Hyrule Field. Everything seems to be going great...until a meteor hits Hyrule Castle Town! Link runs toward the source, only to find a giant monster kidnapping Zelda. The monster is revealed to be a Cy-Bug. It sees Link, and the first battle begins!



46 / 250

Image Name Series Description
Mario NSMB2 Mario Mario Mario, the hero of the kingdom! His attacks include Koopa Kick, Fire Ball, Jump, FLUDD, and Superstar. Works best with Luigi.
NSMBULuigi Luigi Mario Luigi, Mario's brother and second banana! His attacks include Fire Ball, Poltergust 3000, Jump, Tanooki Leaf, and Super Star. Works best with Mario.
SonicLostWorld Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog The hero of Mobius returns to the fight! He brought along a few friends, too! His attacks include Ring Toss, Spin Dash, Homing Kick, Spring, and Super Sonic. Works best with Tails
Tails Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's buddy, and a great inventor! He was tagged along, though. His attacks include Tail Whip, RC Summon, Fly, Ring Toss, and Super Tails. Works best with Sonic
Spyro ROCU Spyro the Dragon Spyro / Skylanders The hero of Skylands, and everyone's favorite purple dragon! His attacks include Slash, Head Butt, Fire, Smash, and Giants Summon. Works best with Pop Fizz who is unlockable.
Blink Link The Legend of Zelda The Hero Of Time returns to the fight, more ready than ever! His attacks include Epona, Master Sword, Goron Mask, Wind Waker, and Triforce Of Courage. Works best with Young Link.
Young Link Young Link The Legend of Zelda The Hero of Hyrule's younger form! His attacks include Boomerang, Deku Sword, Deku Nut, Deku Stick, and Ocarina Melody. Works best with Link.
185px-Pac-Man character art - The Adventure Begins Pac-Man Pac-Man The Yellow Pac-Person is back, and he's ready to fight! His attacks include Dot Munch, Power Berry, Swallow, Ghost Summon, and Pac-Zilla. Works best with Ms. Pac-Man.
WanderOY Wander Wander over Yonder Everyone's favorite orange alien joins the fight! His attacks include Captain Tim, Sandwich Slap, Strong Hug, Tackle, and The Troll. Works best with Sylvia who is DLC.
Cfinnjake Finn Adventure Time Finn The Human Boy jumps his way into the fray! His attacks include Sword, Spit Skills, Scream, Jake The Shield, and BMO Blast. Works best with Jake.
JakeTHEDOG Jake Adventure Time Jake, the magic stretching dog, stretches his way in! His attacks include Jake Sword, Jake Ball, Jake Slap, Jake Shield, and Jake Meteor. Works best with Finn.
Enderman Enderman Minecraft Bet you didn't see the Enderdragon coming, did ya? His attacks include Scream, Block Throw, Summon, Teleport, and End of Eternity. Works best with Steve who is unlockable.
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show The blue jay on legs flies in! His attacks include Yell, Death Kwon Do, Pixel Slap, Pixel Kick, and The Magic Keyboard. Works best with Rigby.
Rigby character Rigby Regular Show Everyone's favorite slacker joins the fray! His attacks include Bite, Death Kwon Do, Yelling, Fist Punch, and Golf Cart. Works best with Mordecai.
DipperGFArt Dipper Pines Gravity Falls A young detective, and Mabel Pine's brother! His attacks include Book 3 Summoning, Golf Cart Ram, Mallet, Block, and Rumble McSkirmish Slice. Works best with Mabel.
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Pines Gravity Falls Dipper Pine's younger sister, and the wielder of the Grappling Hook! Her attacks include Grappling Hook, Waddles, Golf Cart, Shining Sweater, and Aoshima Ride. Works best with Dipper.
Ufspongebob SpongeBob Spongebob Squarepants The hero with no bones enters the fight! His attacks include Karate, Krabby Patty Throw, Jellyfishing, Gary, and Goofy Goober Rock. Works best with Patrick who is unlockable.
Mickeyisepic Mickey Mouse Epic Mickey It's Mickey Mouse, and he...painted the way in? His attacks include Paint, Thinner, Rope, Slap, and Steamboat. Works best with "Club House Mickey".
Mickey3 Fake Mickey Club House Mickey Mouse It's Mickey...the thing who runs the Clubhouse. His attacks include Baby Elephant, Toddles, Umbrella, Bowerrang, and The Up-Slide. Works best with Mickey Mouse.
IlikeTrains I Like Trains Guy ASDF Movie Who invited this guy? Not me. His attacks include Big Eyes, Train Slam, Train Thrust, Train Crush, and The Magical Rainbow Train. Works best with everyone.
Luke Luke Skywalker Star Wars Here he is! Luke slashes the door down! His attacks include Lightsaber, Droid, Stormtrooper Gun, Kick, and The Force. Works best with Yoda who is unlockable.
SU Maxwell Maxwell Scribblenauts Maxwell and his notebook have appeared! His attacks include Sword, Gorrila, Shield, Lightning. and T-Rex. Works best with Lily who is unlockable.
20110526012846!Ash Pikachu Pikachu Pokemon Pokemon's adorable mascot returns! His attacks include Cut, Volt Switch, Electricity, Zap, and Thunder Bolt. Works best with Flygon.
DDfly Flygon Pokemon WOAH! Flygon? How did...nevermind. His attacks include Bite, Rock Smash, Fly, Headbutt, and Wing Attack. Works best with Pikachu.
GrumpArin Arin Youtube Jon's (former) grump partner. Arin now works with Dan and friends. His attacks include Steam Train, Diamonds, Meta Knight Flight, Kick, and Mr. Nelson. Works best with Dan who is unlockable.
Donutsteel Donut Steel Fantendoverse Originally a boss, Donut Steel broke free of the Storkil's grasp! His attacks include Donut Punch, Donut Kick, Donut Slam, Donut Spin, and Mega Steel. Works best with Unten who is unlockable.
PIT Pit Kid Icarus Sorry to keep you waiting, guys! Pit's attacks include Bow N' Arrows, Warp, Rocket Jump, Explosive Flames, and X-Bomb. Works best with Palutena.
PalutenaBrawl Palutena Kid Icarus Pit's leader, and the Goddess of Light! Her attacks includes Sigil Lazer, Blades, Light Pillar, Shield Block, and Glam Blaster. Works best with Pit.
Tucker - Fantendo Nightmare Tucker Fantendoverse A legendary user from the realm of Fantendo. His attacks include Yoshieggs, Candy Corn Bomb, Poison Mistletoe, Wickledorf Sword, and Ultra Bloozlebeary. He works best with EVERYONE.
373px-Randall Randall Boggs Pixar/Monsters Inc Randall Boggs slips into the fray, and he wants revenge! His attacks include Invisibility, Scream Can Throw, Scream Can Blast, Fungus, and Scream Extractor. Works best with Infinity Randall who is unlockable.
Flip 44 Flip Flip The Frog He flipped out, so he flipped back in! His attacks include Banjo Whack, Cobby Whip, Cap Throw, Tounge Swing, and The Seaweed. Works best with Data who is unlockable.
Fox J Fox Star Fox The son of James McCloud enters the fray! His attacks include Lazer Gun, Arwing, Shield, Fiery Fury, and Great Fox. Works best with Falco.
Falco643D1 Falco Star Fox Falco Lombradi returns to the ring! His attacks include Arwing, Shield, Cannon, Lazer Blaster, and Landmaster. Works best with Fox.
Snailyjoe Snaily Joe The Noobispheric Vastness Some snail recolor (Turbo) came in, I guess. His attacks include Blink, Lazer Eyes, Spin, 5 Bites, and TURBO FAST, COMMUNISTS!!! Works best with IP who is unlockable.
VillagerSSB4 Villager Animal Crossing DID YOU PAY YOUR BELLS? His attacks include Axe, Shovel, Slingshot, Net, and Resetti Lecture. Works best with Tom Nook.
TomNookNewLeaf Tom Nook Animal Crossing Welcome to Nookingtons! His attacks include Timmy Kick, Tommy Whack, Bell Bag, Lectures, and Rising Empire (With Bells). Works best with Villager.
Mrmeme Mr. Meme Weirdoland BITCH, GODZILLA'S MY BRO!! It's attacks include Tommy Gun, Saxophone, Bad Jokes, Zor/Zazz, and Random Fandom. Works best with EVERYONE.
Kitty Uni-Kitty The LEGO Movie Meow, meow, neeeigh! Uni-Kitty charges in! She attacks with Horn Slam, Hooves, Adorableness, Astro Kitty Suit, and AngryKitty. Works best with LEGO Brick (DLC).
Olafhell Olaf Frozen He'll finally do what frozen things do in SUMMER!! He attacks with Split Up, Carrot Charge, Coal Throw, Disembodied Arm, and Marshmallow. Works best with Elsa (Unlockable).
Wii Wii Nintendo One of Nintendo's best systems, Wii comes to prove he's more than a game! He attacks with Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Disc Throw, Wii Fit, and The HOME Menu. Works best with it's brother the Wii U (Unlockable).
Banjokazooie Banjo and Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie

Everyone's favorite bear and bird duo jump into the fight! The attack with Egg Launch, Kazoo, Banjo, Roll. and Jinjo Swarm. Works best with Benji and Krazuie.

Banjo2 Benji and Krazuie Banjo-Kazooie The clones of the famous duo jump in! They attack with Car, Boat, Plane, Crate Throw, and The Ultimate Truck! Works best with Banjo and Kazooie.
Gaijin Goombah Gaijin Goomba Game Exchange Everyone's tiny cultural Goomba jumps in! He attacks with Understanding, Respect, Ninja Sword, Pixel Cutter, and Ultimate Katana! Works best with MatPat (DLC).
Trip Trip



The UBER-PERFECT character appears! He attacks with Ignoring, Drill Monkey Punch, Comparison, Taboob Summon, and Just Sit There. Works best with Sonic (Sonic Boom)
SuperMario3DIslandGasparo Gasparo Failed Creations World Although he's not canon, he still sucks. He attacks with Koopa Kick, Fireball, Jump , Spin Attack , and Stupid Star. Works best with Trip The Portal Master.
EmmetLEGOMovie Emmet The LEGO Movie The so-called Special now returns to the fight! He attacks with Pneumatic Drill, Wrench Whack, Double Decker Couch, Inscruction Book Whack, and Conscruction Bot! Works best with Wyldstyle.
Wyldstyle-1 Wyldstyle The LEGO Movie A Masterbuilder that Emmet kinda falls in love with. She attacks with Masterbuilding, Mini-Cycle, Wild West Glider, Robot Disguise, and Wild West Car. Works best with Emmet.
Eren EB3 Eren Attack On Titan Attack On Titan's main protagonist comes to the fight! He attacks with Martial Arts, Grappling, Submission Locks, 3D Maneuver Gear, and Titan Form. Works best with Misaka.
Wireframe Mac Wireframe Mac Punch-Out!! The wireframe version of our favorite boxer! He attacks with Punch, Quick Jab, Star Punch, Dodge, and Giga Wireframe Mac. Works best with Don Flamenco (Unlockable).
CookingMamaSSBEOT Mama Cooking Mama! Hey, kid, yo mama is in dis game. She attacks with Kitchen Knife, Pizza Cutter, Egg Beater, Axe, and Dinner Is Served! Works best with TBA.
Patrica Wagon Patrica Wagon Mighty Switch Force! The cybernetic police girl appears in the fight! She attacks with Pellet Gun, Launcher Block, Jump, Colored Block, and Helmet Siren. Works best with TBA.
Miyamoto Mii Shigeru Miiyamoto Miiverse The Mii version of Miyamoto appears! He attacks with Fire Attack, Level 5 Sword, Mushroom, Din's Fire, and Island Fun! Works best with Miishahiro Sakurai.
Jake Sakurai - Face Miishahiro Sakurai Miiverse The creator of Smash Bros. in Mii form! He attacks with FLUDD, Warp Star. Palutena Heal, Substitute, and Final Smash. Works best with Shigeru Miiyamoto.
Bambi Bambi The Murderer Disney? While cute on the outside, the inside is much worse. He attacks with Hunter's Rifle, Thumper Throw, Flower Fart Toxin, Random Horns, and BIRD. Works best with Evil Koopa (Unlockable).
Samus garridk Samus Metroid The female bounty hunter arrives to the fight! She attacks with Grapple Beam, Metroid Summon, Charge Shot, Screw Attack, and Gunship. Works best with Mii Samus.
Jake Samus - Face Mii Samus Metroid/Miiverse The Mii version of Samus Aran! She attacks with Plasma Cannon, Charge Shot, Bomb, Charge Shot, and Hunting Suit. Works best with Samus.
Sylux Sylux Metroid One of the only male bounty hunters in the series appears! He attacks with Lockjaw, Shock Coil, Morph Ball, Bombs, and Delano 7. Works best with either Samus/Mii Samus.


13 / 250

Image Name Series Description Works Well With
1186px-Bowser HUGE Bowser Super Mario Bros The Evil King Of Koopa's barges right in! His attacks include Shell Slam, Claw, Fire Ball, Koopa Toss, and Cat Bowser. Peach
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach Super Mario Bros Mario's girlfriend and the Mushroom Kingdom's princess! Her attacks include Turnip, Umbrella Spin, Frying Pan, Tanooki Peach, and Vibe Specter Shake. Bowser
Legendary Pop-Fizz Pop Fizz Skylanders The Skylander that has lost a few marbles! His attacks include Fast Potion, Punch Potion, Spike Potion, Potion Throw, and Behemoth Pop-Fizz. Spyro
Steve SMSS2AB Steve Minecraft Is that you? No, it's him. No, it's...nevermind. His attacks include Pickaxe, Diamond Sword, TNT, Redstone, and Lava Wave. Enderman
Ufpatrick Patrick Spongebob Squarepants May he take your hat, sir? Patrick returns to help! His attacks include Starfish Spin, Patrick Man, Rampage, Patty Throw, and NO ONE CALLS ME TUBBYSpongebob
Wreck it ralph Ralph Wreck It Ralph I'M GONNA WRECK IT! His attacks include Bricks, Wall Break, Jawbreaker, Mentos, and Wrecking Ball. Vanellope Van Schweetz (DLC)
Yoda Yoda Star Wars Coming to the fray, he is! His attacks include Lightsaber, Cane Stab, Head Stand, Root Stew, and The Force. Luke Skywalker
GrumpConductorDanny Danny Youtube SET SAIL FOR THE SEA'S OF ADVENTURE! His attacks include Steam Train, Ross Throw, Ninja Stars, Waves, and Dinosaur Lazer Fight. Arin
Fafunten Unten Fantendoverse Fantendo's mascot is ready to brawl! His attacks include Blue Slam, Punch, Kick, Spin-Round, and Darkest Timeline Form. Donut Steel
Lord Hater Lord Hater Wander Over Yonder TBA Commander Peepers
GANONDORF , Ganondorf Legend Of Zelda The only male Gerudo member appears! He attacks with Katanas, Enemy Summon, Darkness Punch, Dark Slam, and Triforce Of Power. Zelda
SSB5 Zelda Zelda Legend Of Zelda The princess of Hyrule joins the war! She attacks with Light Arrows, Din's Fire, Nayru's Love, Farore's Wind, and Triforce Of Wisdom. Ganondorf
Dream Boy2 Dream Boy (Crappy Timeline) Fantendo Why would you wanna play as him? He sucks! He attacks with Dream Glove, Yoshi Tounge, Egg Poop, Dream Reviver, and Insult Rain. Dream Boy (Awesome Timeline)/Gasparo
DreamBoyColored Dream Boy (Awesome Timeline) "Fantendo" Now THIS is a great character! He attacks with Portals, Right Hand Slap, Left Hand Slap, Bandage Whip, and Dream Explosion

Dream Boy (Crappy Timeline)

Pink Gold Peach Gold Pink Peach "Super Mario Bros." She was rejected by her sister, so she abandoned Metal Mario and went for fighting! She attacks with Metal Turnip, Metal Umbrella Spin, Metal Frying Pan, Metal Tanooki Peach, and Metal Vibe Scepter Shake. Every Mario Character Ever