Multiversal Smackdown is a new umbrella fighting game made by DarkGaming Studios. It will have 65  (66 if you count ZS Samus as a different character) characters in total and will feature an SSE esque story mode. 


There are three game modes: The Dimensional War, Smackdown Mode, and Blast to the Past.

In Smackdown Mode, the gameplay is the same as Fantendo All-Stars:Corruption, but with a Final Smash and Down Ability added. 

The Dimensional War is the story mode! It has both platforming and fighting areas.

Blast to the Past is a simulation of the games and tv shows the characters come from (Super Mario Bros, Scribblenauts, Gravity Falls, etc.) 

Starting Characters


Image Character Moveset Description Franchise
MarioSMBW-1- Mario
  • Neutral: Fireball
  • Side:Koopa kick
  • Up:Cape Feather
  • Down: Ground Pound
  • Final Smash:Mega Mario 
The go-to hero of the Gaming Industry, Mario is here to save the Multiverse! Super Mario Bros
Luigi Popstar Crossover Luigi
  • Neutral: Fireball
  • Side:Poltergeist
  • Up: Propeller Mushroom
  • Down: Ground Pound
  • Final Smash: Ghost Swarm
Mario's lesser known brother is here to show the baddies whose boss! It is his year, after all.  Super Mario Bros
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina
  • Neutral: Star Beam
  • Side: Starbit Blast
  • Up: Float
  • Down: Star Spin
  • Final Smash: Grand Star Energy
The princess of the stars appears to fight! Super Mario Bros
Cat Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Cat Toad
  • Neutral: Scratch
  • Side: Pounce
  • Up: Wall Crawl
  • Down: Ground Pound
  • Final Smash: Cat Toad Army
Wait, WHAT?!?!?!!?!? Anyway, Cat Toad is here to... I don't know, he's Cat Toad.  Super Mario Bros
  • Neutral:Spin Dash
  • Side:Laser
  • Up: Homing Attack
  • Down: Drill
  • Final Smash: Super Sonic
Once Mario's biggest rival, Sonic now works with Mario to save the Multiverse from imminent doom! Sonic the Hedgehog
20070901171703!Tails The Fox Tails
  • Neutral:Arm Cannon
  • Side: Dummy Ring Bombs
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Spin Dash
  • Final Smash: Tornado Rush
Sonic's best pal uses his machines to fight! Sonic the Hedgehog
Cshadow Shadow
  • Neutral:Chaos Spear
  • Side: Spin Dash
  • Down: Vehicle
  • Up: Chaos Control
  • Final Smash: Chaos Blast
The emo-looking hedgehog is here to kick some univeral tail, even if he does have amnesia! Wait, he doesn't anymore? I'm confuzzled... Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Neutral: Mega Punch
  • Side: Knuckle Dash
  • Up: Glide
  • Down: Uppercut
  • Final Smash: Master Emerald
Knuckles joins the battle! His main method of attack is punching stuff! Sonic the Hedgehog
Blaze. Blaze
  • Neutral: Flare Blitz
  • Side: Flame Dash
  • Up: Flame Jump
  • Down: Fire Spin
  • Final Smash: Burning Blaze
The pyrokinetic cat joins the Smackdown! Sonic the Hedgehog
275007-2TQFtZDGb11jJ3Yt ASDFMovie Guy
  • Neutral: Bomb
  • Side: I like Trains
  • Up: Mine Turtle
  • Down: The Flop
  • Final Smash: Piano Rain
The guy from ASDFMovie uses his endless gags to help our heroes! ASDF Movie
Link Link
  • Neutral:Slash
  • Side:Boomerang
  • Up: Bomb
  • Down: Arrow
  • Final Smash: Triforce Slash
The hero of time will now need to help save the Multiverse from evil! Legend of Zelda

Princess Zelda (Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons)

  • Neutral: Naryu's Love
  • Side: Din's Fire
  • Up: Farore's Wind
  • Down: Shielding Spell
  • Final Smash: Light Arrow
The princess of Hyrule is here to fight! Legend of Zelda
PacmanLAPIS4 Pac-Man
  • Neutral:Chomp
  • Side:Pellet Throw
  • Up: Pellet Line
  • Down:Roll-Out
  • Final Smash: Retro-fied Pac-Man
The yellow hero...chomps his way in? No matter, he is coming in to beat the baddies! Pac-Man
DipperGFArt Dipper
  • Neutral:Wallet Throw
  • Side: Golf Club
  • Up: Teleport Spell
  • Down: Gnome Wack  
  • Final Smash: Multibear Ride
Dipper uses spells from Book 3 and random objects to protect the Multiverse! Gravity Falls
MabelGFArt Mabel
  • Neutral: Bedazzler
  • Side: Waddles
  • Up: Grappling Hook
  • Down: Gnome Wack
  • Final Smash: Aoshima
Dipper's crazy and random sister is ready to battle! Gravity Falls
Megamaninsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Megaman
  • Neutral:Mega Buster
  • Side: Metal Blade
  • Up: Beat
  • Down: Leaf Shield
  • Final Smash: Super Adapter
Megaman can use his abilities to fight any opponent! Megaman
Deadpool Deadpool
  • Neutral:Gun
  • Side: Sword Slash
  • Up: Jump Kick
  • Down: Downwards Stab
  • Final Smash: Berserker Shootdown
The unpredictable opponent is here to battle! Deadpool
Steve SMSS2AB Steve
  • Neutral: Pickaxe
  • Side: Bow
  • Up: Ladder
  • Down: Horse Stampede
  • Final Smash: Redstone Madness
The blocky crafter is here to fight! Minecraft
Enderman Enderman
  • Neutral: Block Throw
  • Side: Ender Counter
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Scream
  • Final Smash: Ender Dragon
Enderman is here to do what he does best: give the others a hard time! Minecraft
Kirby Popstar Crossover Kirby
  • Neutral:Swallow
  • Side: Hammer
  • Up: Spark Kirby
  • Down: Fire Kirby
  • Final Smash: Warp Star
The pink puffball is here to fight! Kirby
150px Fennekin
  • Neutral: Flamethrower
  • Side: Scratch
  • Down: Tail Whip
  • Up: Pshyshock
  • Final Smash: Fire Blast
A wild Fennekin appeared! One of the fan-favorite Starters of X and Y, Fennekin is here to fight! Pokemon
PIKACHUsmrpga Pikachu
  • Neutral: Thunderbolt
  • Side: Quick Attack
  • Up: Iron Tail
  • Down: Thunder Shock
  • Final Smash: Volt Tackle
The adorable electric pokemon is here to battle! Pokemon
Thor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkj Thor
  • Neutral: Thunder Blast
  • Side: Hammer Smash
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Thunder Strike
  • Final Smash: Thunder Storm
Thou shan't pierce thy armor of Thy Mighty Thor.  Avengers
Iron Man 5 Iron Man
  • Neutral: Lazer Blast
  • Side: Metal Rush
  • Up: Hover
  • Down: Iron Smash
  • Final Smash: Uni-Beam
The "genius billionaire playboy phillanthropist" is here to fight off the Interdimensional Army! Avengers
ManOfSteelSuperman Superman
  • Neutral: Heat Vision
  • Side: Freeze Breath
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Super Smash
  • Final Smash: Solar Blast
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a new playable character for Multiversal Smackdown, Superman is here to fight! Superman
150px Samus
  • Neutral: Power Blast
  • Side: Missle
  • Up: ScrewAttack
  • Down: Bomb
  • Final Smash: Fleet Swarm
Samus uses a combination of her suit's power and her natural skill gained from the Chozo DNA to end her opponents! Metroid
Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle
  • Neutral: Magic Blast
  • Side: Magic Dash
  • Up: Hover
  • Down: Headbutt
  • Final Smash: Elements of Harmony
The magical alicorn pony is here to fight! My Little Pony
493px-PinkiePieHiRes Pinkie Pie
  • Neutral: Party Popper
  • Side: Cupcake Throw
  • Up: Balloon
  • Down: Headbutt
  • Final Smash: Party Cannon
Pinkie Pie is ready to party! My Little Pony
Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash
  • Neutral: Kick
  • Side: Dash
  • Up: Fly
  • Down: Tornado
  • Final Smash: Sonic Rainboom
RD is here to show them all who's the best! My Little Pony
LukeSKywalker Luke Skywalker
  • Neutral: Force Push
  • Side: Lightsaber
  • Up: Lightsaber Flip
  • Down: Jedi Mind Trick
  • Final Smash: Rebel Swarm
The last of the Jedi is here to battle! Star Wars
Legendary Pop-Fizz Pop-Fizz
  • Neutral: Potion Lop
  • Side: Shake It
  • Up: Jump Boost Potion
  • Down: Puddle of Pain
  • Final Smash: Beast Pop-Fizz
The soda loving Skylander comes into battle! Skylanders
LectroYE Lectro the Cyberhog
  • Neutral: Lightning Blast
  • Side: Electric Kick
  • Up: Thunder Spin
  • Down: Thunder Charge
  • Final Smash: Discharger
DarkGaming's Mascot is here for battle! Lectro the Cyberhog
Wreck it ralph Ralph
  • Neutral: Power Fist
  • Side: Throw
  • Up: Jump Smash
  • Down: Power Slam
  • Final Smash: 8-Bit Madness
He's gonna wreck it! Ralph joins the battle! Wreck it Ralph
Scorpion-mkvsdc-white Scorpion
  • Neutral: GET OVER HERE!
  • Side: Sword Slash
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Uppercut
  • Final Smash: TOASTY!
Scorpion joins the Smackdown! This just got Fatal! Mortal Kombat
Sky-skydoesminecraft-34231181-204-419 Sky
  • Neutral: Budder Sword
  • Side: Squid Bomb
  • Up: Budder Jump
  • Down: Budder Slam
  • Final Smash: Budder Rain

What-the? SKY?!?!?!?! You do know most of your attacks barely do any damage right? A joke character at it's finest. 

Team Crafted
  • Neutral: Betty
  • Side: Shears
  • Up: Betty Spin
  • Down: Fluff Throw
  • Final Smash: Betty Rain
Another joke character, as the only attacks that do a significant enough ammount of damage are Betty and Betty Rain. Team Crafted
PitSmash Pit
  • Neutral: Bow
  • Side: Upper-dash Arm
  • Up: Wings
  • Down: Shield
  • Final Smash: Palutena's Army
Palutena's right hand angel. He is here to help stop the interdimensional chaos being caused by Bill Cipher. Kid Icarus
MewshitheDinocat MNASOTGF Mewshi
  • Neutral: Scratch
  • Side: Egg Roll
  • Up: Upward Pounce
  • Down: Mewshi Bomb
  • Final Smash: Fire Mewshi
The friendly Dinocat is here to battle! Mewshi the Dinocat
Calvin hobbes.1265746953 Calvin & Hobbes
  • Neutral: Snowball
  • Side: Water Balloons
  • Up: Pounce
  • Down: Baseball Bat
  • Final Smash: Stupendous Man
The classic duo returns to battle! Calvin & Hobbes
BatmanChristianBale Batman
  • Neutral: Batarang
  • Side: Exploding Batarang
  • Up: Grappling Hook
  • Down: Smoke Bomb
  • Final Smash: Bat Tumbler

He is vengeance...

He is the knight....

He is... a playable character in Multiversal Smackdown!


Secret Characters


Image Character Moveset Description Franchise
Cbowser Bowser
  • Neutral: Fire Breath
  • Side:Shell Spin
  • Up: Ground Pound
  • Down:  Bowser Slam
  • Final Smash: Koopa Klown Kar
The King of the Koopas is here to show Mario who is boss! Super Mario Bros
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach
  • Neutral: Turnip Throw
  • Side: Peach Bomber
  • Up: Float
  • Down: Umbrella Smash
  • Final Smash: Heart Power Blast
The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom isn't getting kidnapped this time! (I think) Super Mario Bros
7411.NTR MarioLuigi3 01char E3 The M&L Bros.
  • Neutral: Fireball
  • Side: Koopa Kick
  • Up: Star Rocket
  • Down: Hammer Smash
  • Final Smash: Luiginoid Madness

The Mario Bros from an alternate reality (The M&L Universe) is here to kick some interdimensional butt!

Super Mario Bros
BowserJrGalaxy Bowser Jr
  • Neutral: Paintbrush
  • Side: Shell Spin
  • Up: Ground Pound
  • Down: Claw
  • Final Smash: Koopa Klown Kar
Bowser's slave- I mean son. He fights with his "magic" paint brush. Super Mario Bros
BandanaDee Bandana Dee
  • Neutral: Spear Throw
  • Side: Parasol Spin
  • Up: Waddle Copter
  • Down: Megaton Punch
  • Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
The Waddle Dee companion is here to battle! Kirby
Classic tails by mike9711-d55131dSonic z classic sonic Classic Duo
  • Neutral: Spin Dash
  • Side: Flame Shield
  • Up: Tails Copter
  • Down: Figure 8 Technique
  • Final Smash: Tornado Rush
Sonic and Tails' classic forms team up to fight!  Sonic the Hedgehog
170px-Silver02 Silver
  • Neutral: Psychic blast
  • Side: Block Throw
  • Up: Hover
  • Down: Psychic Slam
  • Final Smash: Psychic Mayhem
The time-travelling hedgehog is here to save the Multiverse! Sonic the Hedgehog
Dr.Eggman - Sonic Colors - (1) Dr. Eggman
  • Neutral: Eggbomb
  • Side: Kart Krash
  • Up: Hover Machine
  • Down: Robo Slam
  • Final Smash: Checkered Wrecking Ball
Sonic's evil nemesis joins the battle! Sonic the Hedgehog
Cspiderman Spider-Man
  • Neutral: Web Shoot
  • Side: Spider Bike
  • Up: Web Sling
  • Down: Spider Kick
  • Final Smash: Web Trap
The friendly neighborhood spiderman is here to battle! Spiderman
Samus suit zero Samus (Zero Suit)
  • Neutral: Plasma Blast
  • Side: Plasma Whip
  • Up: Plasma Grip
  • Down: Plasma Shock
  • Final Smash: Fleet Swarm

The bounty hunter with the Chozo DNA is here to fight, with or without her Power Suit!

(Note: Despite being an unlockable character, her slot is not seperated from Samus' slot on the roster.)

  • Neutral: Pikmin Throw
  • Side: Pikmin Dash
  • Up: Wing Pikmin
  • Down: Rock Pikmin Smash
  • Final Smash: Bulborb
Olimar and his Pikmin companions are here to fight! Pikmin
Herobrine Herobrine
  • Neutral: Glitch
  • Side: Scythe
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Thunder
  • Final Smash: Hellbringers Wrath
Known by all and feared by all, Herobrine is here to haunt the Multiverse! Minecraft
Mewtwo Mewtwo
  • Neutral: Shadow Ball
  • Side: Confusion
  • Up: Teleport
  • Down: Barrier
  • Final Smash: Psysstrike
The clone of Mew is ready for battle! Pokemon
Zoroark Zoroark
  • Neutral: Illusion
  • Side: Night Slash
  • Up: Pursuit
  • Down: Foul Play
  • Final Smash: Giga Impact
Zoroark, the Illusion Pokemon, joins the fray! Pokemon
SU Maxwell Maxwell
  • Neutral: Laser Gun
  • Side: Sword
  • Up: Wings
  • Down: Bomb
  • Final Smash: Tank
Maxwell comes into battle using his magic notebook! Scribblenauts
Nostalgia Critic PNG Nostalgia Critic
  • Neutral: Gun
  • Side: Yell
  • Up: Mako
  • Down: Hat Whack
  • Final Smash: Whiny Moanin Nostalgia Critic
Taking some downtime from ranting, the NC is here to fight! That Guy With The Glasses


  • Neutral: F Bomb
  • Side: Console Throw
  • Up: Warp Pipe
  • Down: Cuss Swarm
  • Final Smash: Jesus Mega Death Christ
The NC's arch rival, AVGN is ready for action! Cinnemassacre
Sc4-darth-vader Darth Vader
  • Neutral: Force Choke
  • Side: Lightsaber
  • Up: Force Levitate
  • Down: Force Push
  • Final Smash: Death Star
Fear the Dark Side! Star Wars

Blast to the Past Locked Characters

Characters you get by beating "Blast to the Past" mode with different characters.



Image Stage Name Description
SM64DS-Peach's Castle Peach's Castle A simple stage with no hazards; where Peach and her royal servants reside.
Mc-minecraft-beta-1.9-nether-upgrade Nether Hazards include lava and Zombie Pigmen stampedes; The underworld of Minecraft, and where Ghasts, Blazes, and other horrible monsters reside. 
Pokemon Stadium 2 Pokemon Stadium Hazards include the effects of the Pokemon types on the field; A stage where Pokemon go to battle! The stage goes from default, to fire type, to water type, to ice type, to lightning type, then back again.
Green Hill Zone SSBB Green Hill Zone No Hazards on this stage; The iconic level from Sonic the Hedgehog! Unlike it's version in SSBB, you can go on the Loop-de-loops! :D

Boss Rush Characters


Boss Image Boss Name Boss Description
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser A skeletal copy of Bowser made by Bill Cipher, Dry Bowser attacks by throwing Dry Bones at enemies and using most of Bowser's attacks. 
Reggiethatstupidturkey Reggie Bill Cipher has convinced Reggie to form a Turkey Army to stop our heroes. He attacks with pizza or flaming pumpkins, or can use his Turkey Army to attack.  
Wither Wither The ferocious nether creature has been summoned by Bill Cipher to destroy the heroes! He fights by exploding and shooting wither skulls, as well as floating. Also, long ranged attacks (like arrows) can't harm him.
Mr L Mr. L Bill's attempt at corrupting Luigi. His attacks are essentially Luigi's but more powerful, and he can use the Brobot. Have at you!
S1e20 Gideon Bot Gideonbot The reassembled Gideonbot is used to defeat the heroes! He fights by stomping on you, or can shoot lasers out of it's eyes!

The Dimensional War

The Dimensional War is the Story Mode of the game. It is unlocked once all of the characters have been unlocked. It is about the heroes trying to stop Bill Cipher and his Interdimensional Army from enslaving the Multiverse. 

Mushroom Castle

At the Mushroom Castle, Mario,Luigi,Peach, and Kirby are having a feast, Luigi is just about to dig into his meal when Bowser blasts through the castle, as his koopalings take Peach into the koopa ship. Mario, Luigi, and Kirby defeat Bowser and toss him into a lava pit, until they realize it was a clone the whole time! The clone comes out as Dry Bowser. After defeating Dry Bowser, the group sets out into the forest to follow the airship. Luigi, however, gets seperated from the group in a cloud of dust. 


Maxwell wakes up in a place called Scribbletown. After a while of going through Scribbletown, Maxwell finds someone who appears to be Lily, his sister. Lily then attacks Maxwell, and transformes into her true identity, Zoroark. After a battle, Zoroark is turned into a trophy. He then sees a minion army approaching and urgently revives Zoroark. Zoroark and Maxwell defeat all the minions, but the two then get sucked into a portal.

A cutscene shows. Dr. Eggman tries to convince Bowser, who is in a cage, into joining him. Bowser refuses, so then Eggman puts a collar on Bowser, brainwashing him. 

New York City

Mario and Kirby head to New York City on the warp star, where they find Spider-Man, who is fighting off an army of minions. He tries to contact the Avengers, but it is too late, as Reggie appears with his ferocious Turkey Army. After defeating Reggie, Mario, Kirby, and Spiderman decide to warn the other heroes of the invasion. They get on the Warp Star and start heading for Metropolis, to warn Superman of the invasion. 


A sequel is currently getting developed, titled Multiversal Madness.