The Multiversal Silver Spurs series is a reboot of Lone Planet's old Super Mario Silver Spurs franchise. The first film will be released in Summer 2016, as part of a trilogy.


Multiversal Silver Spurs (film)

The Dark Gaia has been terrorizing the small town of Highland View. General Abraham Towers, commander of the Guardian Units of Nations, brings Mario together with other heroes (such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Gumball Watterson, Dexter, and Cloud Strife) from all ends of the meta-universe.

Multiversal Silver Spurs 2

The sequel to the first film, set for a 2018 release, will introduce Mandy. She creates Mecha Mario to destroy the Multiverse Guardians.

Multiversal Silver Spurs 3

The last film of the trilogy, slated for 2020. Mephiles the Dark will appear as the main antagonist.

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