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Multiversal Silver Spurs: Continuum Renegades
Director Peyton Reed
Producer(s) Megaxi G. Exal, Jr.
Studio(s) Lone Planet Productions
Writer(s) J.J. Abrams
Distributor(s) Sony Pictures
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Music Brian Tyler
Tony Guererro
Roger Craig Smith
Jacob Hopkins
Grey Griffin
Kenny James
Pamela Adlon
Ben Stiller
Adam Driver
Sam Worthington
Theatrical Release Date(s)
2018 (international)
Age Rating(s)
PG-13 (USA)
PG (Canada)
Original Language English
Runtime 2h44m
Series Multiversal Silver Spurs
Prequel(s) Multiversal Silver Spurs (film)

Multiversal Silver Spurs: Continuum Renegades is the sequel to Lone Planet's film, Multiversal Silver Spurs. It focuses on the Multiversal Guardians and a batch of new heroes as they try to uncover the secrets of their world's past.

Megaxi G. Exal, Jr. has stated in an interview that "the old universe will have an influence on the current Spursverse, and possibly the entire Exalian Rift."



Two years after the events of Multiversal Silver Spurs, G.U.N. continues to maintain order throughout the Spursverse, with Mario and his team fighting back against foes from various dimensions. However, Mario is beginning to get a strange feeling of deja vu as life goes on.

Meanwhile, G.U.N. agents have come face-to-face with a few new threats:

  • Metallicus, a cyborg with a natural urge to kill;
  • Wart, who has constructed a pocket dimension known as Subcon to invade different realms;
  • and Mandy, the sole survivor of a cataclysmic event, who has overrun The End.

The Guardians believe that at least one of these enemies may have the key to unlocking the legacy of the Spursverse. But if they really are new incarnations of an old team, what does that mean for reality as they know it?

Full Plot

The film opens in Minecraftia, where four adventurers are searching through a stronghold. They fight several monsters and swerve through mazes until they finally come across something they have never seen before in the history of their world -- an ogre. Realizing that their world has been modded, they flee from the stronghold. However, the ogre catches up and beats all but one to death. The survivor runs towards his mansion and takes off his diamond armor, revealing Steve. He looks out the window as the sun goes down, asking himself, "If our world was modded... who knows what else could be out there?"

After the title appears, the film cuts to Speed Highway, which is under attack by Perfect Chaos. Mario is leading a defense squad against him, consisting of Sonic, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Gumball Watterson, Dipper Pines, Son Son, and Ristar. They combine their powers and skills as they attempt to fend him off, but he proves to be too strong... that is, until a Koopa Troop airship arrives, commanded by Bowser. He sends Bob-ombs out to attack Perfect Chaos, until finally he is obliterated with one of Sonic's homing attacks. Having completed their mission, the Multiversal Guardians return to the G.U.N. Hovercraft to await their next orders.

At a feast, General Abraham Tower congratulates the Guardians on their victory, and adds that their training has been paying off lately. However, while everyone else keeps eating, Mario looks out at the interdimensional space outside the hovercraft. Luigi sits down with him and asks him what's going on, to which he responds, "I've always wondered... do you think there's more to our meta-universe than meets the eye?"



  • Tony Guererro as Mario Mario
  • Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Jacob Hopkins as Gumball Watterson
  • Grey Griffin as Mandy
  • Kenny James as Bowser Koopa Sr.
  • Pamela Adlon as Ness
  • Ben Stiller as Steve
  • Adam Driver as Wart
  • Sam Worthington as Metallicus

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