Multiversal Madness, known as Multiversal Smackdown II in some regions (a far less orginal name,)is the second game in the Multiversal series of fighting games, being the sequel to Multiversal Smackdown.


There are 5 gamemodes: Madness, Electron Empire, Tourney, Blast to the Past, and Party.

Madness: The gameplay is similar to Smackdown mode from the first games, but with Health Bars instead of Damage Counters. Also, the characters have more special attacks. 6 playable characters can be out at a time. Also, Final Smashes are not present. 

Electron Empire: The story mode! It will be similar to the first one, but with different stages and a different story. You can play with up to 3 characters.

Tourney: The same as the Tourney in Super Smash Bros Brawl, where you can get 12 characters and see who is the champion! 

Blast to the Past: Same as the first one, but with new stages for the new franchises.

Party: Basically a mode with a bunch of minigames. Up to 4 players can play in this mode.


The story begins with a tournament taking place to celebrate the Multiversal's defeat over Bill Cipher. But when the tournament get's sabotaged by a deadly computer virus trying to tear the Multiverse apart, Mario, Sonic and the gang are faced with a brand new challenge!

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Starting Characters

This time around, there will be 60 Starter Characters. Also, characters that are different versions of the same character can interchange, (e.g: Mario and NES Mario) sort of like Fighters of Lapis 5. However, unlike FoL5, alternate characters can interchange during battle. 


Image Character Description Franchise Interchanges With
Cmario Mario Mario returns to the Madness! He can switch between the power ups he uses in battle, which can change his fighting style entirely. He can use the Fire Flower, Cat Suit, and Metal Cap. As his normal self, he can jump on enemies or throw koopa shells to do damage.  Super Mario Bros NES Mario
NES Mario NES Mario The classic, pixelated version of Mario joins the battle! He fights with Koopa Shells, Fireballs, or ride on SNES Yoshi, who can eat enemies for a short time. He can also heal himself with a mushroom, but loses the power-up changing ability.  Super Mario Bros Mario
345px-Luigi SSBU Luigi Like his Bro Mario, Luigi is here to fight! I mean, what is more fitting for the last month of his year than to make a grand reappearance in the Multiversal series? Anyway, unlike his bro, he can't use power-ups, but he can use The Poltergeist or his go-kart to attack his opponents, or he can get some help from the Luiginoids and Polterpup.  Super Mario Bros N/A
RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina Rosalina is back and better then ever! (just don't count on Cat Toad returning) She uses her magic, or can get help from her trusty Luma.  Super Mario Bros N/A
Mariosonic sonic Sonic Sonic returns to the Madness! He takes speed over strength, and he attacks with spin attacks and some wisp abilities, like Laser and Drill. He can also replenish his health by collecting rings.  Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Sonic
Ccsonic Classic Sonic  The younger version of Sonic. He is slightly faster then his modern self, but loses the wisps. He can use shields, and like his modern counterpart, can collect rings to replenish his health. However, if he collects 50 rings, he can transform into Super Sonic for a short time, granting him even MORE speed and agility, as well as some powerful strikes. He is also less vulnerable in this form.  Sonic the Hedgehog  Sonic
Miles tails prower colours pose by mintenndo-d6jnvdj Tails  Tails the... I don't know what the heck he is. SEGA claims he is a fox, but I am not so sure. Anyway, the important part is that he returns to the battle! He fights with machines, such as the Arm Cannon and the Gummy Ring Bombs, or he can go into his mech (You know, the one from SA2,) which changes his moveset, turning him into a more powerful fighter.  Sonic the Hedgehog  N/A
Clink Link The Hero of Time returns to battle! He uses his weapons, such as his Sword, Bow, and Bombs, to fight. He can also get a lift from his Loftwing if he needs to. Navi can also help out by annoying the ennemy player, causing some damage, but at the cost of Link taking some damage from the annoyingness as well.  Legend of Zelda Toon Link
TOON LINK Toon Link Toon Link joins the battle! He isn't that different from normal Link, but instead of a Loftwing, he can use the Deku Leaf for some extra airtime. He also lacks Navi, but can use the Skull Hammer.  Legend of Zelda Link
270px-Princess Zelda Artwork 2 (Skyward Sword) Zelda (Skyward Sword) The princess of Hyrule returns for another battle! However, unlike her version from the first game, she has her Skyward Sword attire. She can use magic spells or can get some help from Impa. Like Link, she can use a Loftwing to give her a boost.  Legend of Zelda Zelda (Twilight Princess)
ZELDA Zelda (Twilight Princess) An alternate version of Princess Zelda, she can't use a Loftwing or get help from Midna, but she has more powerful magic then her Skyward Sword counterpart. She can also use her sword or her Light Arrow.  Legend of Zelda Zelda (Skyward Sword)


Fennekin The fire-type starter from Kalos returns to battle! He fights using powerful Flame blasts and is a very quick fighter, being able to tackle or claw at it's opponents. Pokemon N/A
502px-Pikachu - Super Smash Bros. Pikachu Pokemon's adorable mascot goes in for another round in the Multiversal series. I mean, why wouldn't he? He attacks with his electricity attacks and can use pysical moves too, like Iron Tail and Tackle.  Pokemon N/A
150px Chespin A newcomer to the Multiversal series, it's Chespin, The grass starter for Kalos! Like Fennekin, it is a quicker fighter, and can use attacks like Vine Whip, Rollout, Bite, and more! Pokemon N/A
Jack Frost Jack Frost  Another newcomer, Jack uses his staff to either shoot ice at opponents or use it as a melee weapon. He can also get help from the other guardians.  Rise of the Guardians N/A
Megamaninsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Megaman A veteran from the last game, Megaman returns to fight! He attacks with his Mega Buster and most of his robot master attacks. Beat and Rush can also help him out in battle.  Megaman Megaman X
MegaMan X Megaman X Megaman's more advanced form, he is stronger than the normal Megaman, but slower. He can use his arm cannon and his weapons from his games, and can use the White Armor.  Megaman Megaman
Thor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkj Thor The thunder god from the Avengers uses his hammer to deliver blows, or he can produce lightning from it. Avengers N/A
LukeSKywalker Luke Skywalker Returning from Smackdown, Luke is in the game! He can fight using the force, or can use his lightsaber and blaster Star Wars N/A
RaidenMK Raiden A newcomer to the fray, Raiden joins the fight, and it looks like he's giving Thor a run for his money as the God of Thunder! He fights with electricity or his staff, and can teleport.  Mortal Kombat N/A

Secret Characters

There will be 40 secret characters.


Image Character Description Franchise How to Unlock Interchanges With
Amybacktotheorigins Amy Rose A newcomer to the Multiversal series, Amy attacks with her Piko-Piko Hammer or can get some help from the Flickies. If she deals enough damage, she can go into Super-Stalker mode, which boosts her speed and recovery. Sonic the Hedgehog Play as Sonic 50 times.  N/A
Cbowser Bowser Bowser returns to the fray! He attacks with his fire breath and his shell, or can get help from his koopa minions.  Super Mario Bros Play as Mario 50 times.  NES Bowser
NES Bowser 5 NES Bowser Bowser's classic self. I don't see why you would pick him over modern Bowser, seeing as he's slower, can't use his shell, or can't use his Koopa minions. However, he does hit harder, and he can shoot fireballs. Super Mario Bros Play as Mario 50 times. Bowser

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