NOTE: This is the first character ever made made by Ninkancho. Please don't make major edits without permission. Leave feedback in the comment section!
Not to be confused with the user (tbc).
Official voxel art
Full Name Muffin
Current Age  ???
Gender male
Species muffin
Current Status alive
Vulnerable To most attacks and weapons
being eaten
Height tall enough
First Appearance Display setup menus
Muffin is the mascot of Ninkancho. He is interested in videogames, mainly those in the Super Mario series.


Muffin usually tries to act "cool" and crack the occasional joke at the expense of all else. He only uses slang that he thinks sounds hip. However, when asked about more troubled parts of his past, Muffin has trouble maintaining composure and tends to dodge related questions. It is theorized that Muffin acts according to a public persona to try to ignore certain parts of his life.

Powers and abilities

Muffin is by no means very strong or powerful, though he does have some form of short-range telekinesis with which he can hold light objects.


Muffin first appears in several places in the Display's firmware, even acting as the system's personal assistant, similar in concept to Siri and Google Now. He will have a main role in the upcoming Muffin Origins, where his backstory will be revealed.

He appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a TAGOS, making use of his telekinesis.



  • Muffin is technically Ninkancho's first character.
  • Muffin has cameo appearances in many games, just as Mario appeared in many early Nintendo games. His likeness is also hidden throughout Ninkancho's titles as easter eggs that are often asininely difficult to discover.
    • An image named Muffin32.png appears to be used as a test image in the early builds of most games. It has also seen use in other media and marketing, however.

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