Mudkip'z Adventure
Mudkip'z Adventure (Box Art)
Mudkip'z Adventure's box art
Developer(s) Mudkipz Inc
Publisher(s) Mudkipz Inc
Platform(s) Z-AI
1 Player
Genre(s) Adventure, Videoplaygamenship

Mudkip'z Adventure is an adventure game made by Mudkipz Inc. for the Z-AI.


Mudkip'z Adventure has a unique gameplay created by Mudkipz Inc.. The type of gameplay is called videoplaygamenship, it involves the player doing nothing, just watching the game unfold.


Mudkip'z Adventure was not reviewed by any critics, due to its gameplay style, videoplaygamenship. One critic remarked about its gameplay style being "Utterly terrifying", saying "This gameplay style will be the end of video games everywhere".


  • Mudkip'z Adventure was the first game made by Mudkipz Inc..
  • Mudkip'z Adventure is well known for being the video game with the most spelling and grammar errors, having a total of 273 errors.
  • Mudkip'z Adventure is thought to be the inspiration for

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