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IMG 0030

"Woah, what happend last nite?" You think to yourself. You don't have a clue where you are.

"Why am I attached to a bald man's face?" You show slight fear but confusion is your heaviest emotion at this time.

You try to look around your surroundings. "W-w-w-woah, I'm so small, and I feel different, this plastic isn't that buttox peeps add in their face h-h-how the..?" You are really starting to panic now. "I'm stuck, HELP!" You are in a room plastered in white, but you seem to be on some map, with this bald man's mask on it. You try squirming about.

There is a bed with red covers and pillows, and a wardrobe to the side of it. "I must head for that" Somehow, you were going to do it. You can do this. "I can leap that far." It was a intimidating leap, but once you would land on there it would be a soft refuge. "Soft white fluffiness, just one leap and I'm physically there". You sigh, "I'm sure a tug could set me free to my refuge".

> Leap for your life.

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