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Ms. Pac-Man
Ms. pac man
Ms. Pac-Man's 3D Model
Full Name Ms. Pac-Man
Gender Female
Species Pac-Person
Location Pacville, Pac-Land
Ability/ies same as Pac-Man's
Vulnerable To Normal Ghosts
First Appearance Ms. Pac-Man, 1981
Latest Appearance Pac-Man Party, 2010
Pac-Man family
Family and Relations
Pac-Man-husband<br .<

Pac -Man Jr.- son
Baby Pac-Man- daughter

Pepper- TV series
Voice Actor(s)
Barbara Minkus- TV series

Russi Taylor- Pac-Man World series.

Ms. Pac-Man, often misspelled as Mrs. Pac-Man, is Pac-Man's love interest and wife in TV series and Pac-Man World games, aside from that she had starred in her own arcade classic, Ms. Pac Man. In the 3D titles, she has been playable as a mere co-op player in the mini-games.


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