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Ms. Mister
Gender Female
Species LilCar
Align Chaotic Evil
Current Status Under Repairs
Class Robot
Element(s) Robotic, science
Ability/ies Potions and serums with nefarious effects
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 0.4 feet approx
Weight Approximately 20 lbs.
Series Sekaiju Legends

Ms Mister is a reoccurring antagonist in Sekaiju Legends .


She appears to be a small car with eyes. She has a red body, and a windows on her front shows what appears to be her motor. On her side is a flap that reveals a prosthetic arm she uses to grab stuff. She has a windup key on her back that constantly spins.


Despite her cute appearance, she is extremely cruel, and hosts a TV show where she tortures and mutates creatures for fun. She can act annoyingly smart when a creature has defies her. She is very rich due to many evil creatures enjoying her show.


MIss Mister is a rather weak, but she relies on serums and thrown potions that can do horrible things to her attackers. Among other things, she can turn creatures into other creatures, separate hybrids in half, greatly weaken someone, change someone’s gender and colors, fuse a creature with another one, and more! She can also summon a mechanical platform she uses to escape when times are getting tough, but this doesn’t always works.


She was attacked by Inonedn but weakened him but he was assisted by the mysterious figure. Inonedn heavily damaged her with a meteor. Now she is being fixed but it takes a decent time to be repaired. She isn't dead but she will come back later.


  • Inonedn is afraid of this character, since he had many bad experiences with her.

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