Mrs. Arrow
GX Mrs. Arrow
Mrs. Arrow as she appeared in F-Zero GX.
Full Name Monique L’amoreaux
Current Age 27
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance F-Zero X (1998)
Latest Appearance F-Zero Climax (2004)

Mrs. Arrow, born Monique L'amoreaux, is an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero series. She pilots the Queen Meteor.


Mrs. Arrow started out her life with a silver spoon in her mouth. With her mother holding the vice presidency position in the Milky Way Federation and her father high on the ladder in the neuroplastics business, Monique grew up in the hands of countless hired servants and was waited on hand and foot straight into adulthood. Her parents personally saw to it that she got her every wish while growing up, and one of them was to race in the F-Zero. Finding it a preposterous and dirty sport, her parents shunned this ambition of hers and hoped that she would do the same. This never came to be. Sick and tired of always having things done for her and longing to accomplish things on her own, Monique set out to the underground racing circuit in order to potentially make her dreams come true and gain a spot in the F-Zero Grand Prix standings. After being confronted by a couple unsavory men, she was rescued by Super Arrow, who happened to be combing the area in search of his latest bounty, Zoda, at the time. Monique instantly fell for the superhero and it wasn't too long before they married each other. In order to get ever closer to the world of F-Zero, Monique worked for the next couple of years as a representative racing model for the F-Zero circuit. It wasn't until later, when Monique decided she should aid her husband in his bounties, that she dawned a crimson uniform and became "Mrs. Arrow", entering each race alongside her husband in order to assist his pursuit of characters such as Zoda. She also secretly races with Super Arrow for the sake of keeping an eye on him and his overall safety.


Super Smash Bros. UniverseEdit

Mrs. Arrow makes several cameos in the game. Her machine, the Queen Meteor appears as one of the machines seen racing on Mute City Serial Gaps, and she also appears as a collectible trophy. One of Jody Summer's palette swaps references Mrs. Arrow, even going so far as changing Jody's hair color from Burnette to Blonde.

F-Zero UEdit

Mrs. Arrow returns alongside her husband, Super Arrow in F-Zero U. Due to the game taking place 10 years after F-Zero GX, Mrs. Arrow is now 37 years old. Her machine, the Queen Meteor has been buffed to feature a stronger body to allow the machine to last longer in races with agressive opponents.