Mr L's Sidekick Incorporated (MLS Inc.) is a company that deals with the making of and selling of Fantendo games, movies, stories, and other products. This company was founded by the current president MrLsSidekick in the year 2011. So far, the company hasn't really made many games, but some are currently in devolpment.

The Early Days

When the company started in October 2011, they had big expectations of their impact on the world. They wanted to have many movies, videogames, and other merchandise. So, in about a month, they bought the Fantendo Bros. Corporation. The Fantendo Bros. Corporation had some finacial troubles at the time and within a few months, they would have gone bankrupt. MLS Inc. had gained the rights to all of the Fantendo Bros characters and merchandise. What they plan to do with this stuff, nobody knows. The company eventually got around to developing games. There are currently 3 in development.


Here are a list of games that are currently in development for now.

Mr L: The Video Game

Pokémon Galaxy

Lego Super Mario Bros: The Video Game


Here are a list of movies that are planned to be finished sometime in the Future.

Super Mario Bros.: The Movie

Mr. L: The Motion Picture

Join the Company

If you would like to join the company, please put your name below.

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