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Mr. Tetromino
Mr. Tetromino
Official artwork of Mr. Tetromino for Super Smash Bros. GO!
Availability Starter
Final Smash Speed Brick
Tier TBA

Mr. Tetromino is a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. GO!. He was the 6th newcomer revealed, after Maxwell and before Serena. He is composed of 7 Tetrominoes.

Alternate Costumes

  • Seen Above
  • Black and White; based on the Gameboy's colors.
  • Shades of Green; also based on the Gameboy's colors.
  • Rainbow
  • Colors are Opposite of Original; Ex. Yellow -> Purple
  • American; Red, White and Blue
  • Japanese; White and Red
  • Outlined




  • Up: TBA
  • Down: TBA
  • Left: TBA
  • Right: TBA


  • His blocks fall from the sky and stack up to create him.


  • Screen: He hits the screen and falls apart.
  • Background: In a similar fashion to Meowser, he flies into the background and then explodes. (Oh, crap! Spoilers!)


  • He drops his left arm and it rises back up to him.
  • He hops 3 times.

Victory Poses

  • He rearranges himself and he vanishes.
  • He spins around causing his pieces to fly off. The green piece hits the screen causing a bump.
  • He rearranges himself but fails and then gets angry.

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