Mr sewns takeover 3
Mr. Sew'n's Takeover 3 (subtitled Mr Sew'n's Takeover at Hood'em World of Fun) is the third game in the Hood'ems miniseries, Mr. Sew'n's Takeover. It is set in Hood'em World of Fun.


Red, Yellow, Peach and Pink are having a day out celebrating, after defeating another one of Mr. Sew'n's twisted plans. The story begins as we see our heroes relaxing at a theme park, which is later revealed to be Hood'em World of Fun. Suddenly, Mr. Sew'n jumps in and starts destroying rides.


Playable Characters

Unlike most Hood'ems games, the playable characters stay the same in each level (with the exception of free play.)

Image Name Description
Red takeover 3 Red the Hood'em
Yellow takeover 3 Yellow the Hood'em
Peach takeover 3 Peach the Hood'em
Pink takeover 3 Pink the Hood'em


Level 1

In this level, the objective is to get on two rides. You can ride any ride as your first, then your second one, half way through, Mr. Sew'n will break the ride and make it crash. Then the level is complete. This level is just a simple introduction, so that the player can travel around the park, learning the layout and game's controls.

Level 2

The heroes manage to get of safely, but there are still people on the ride! This level sees the Hood'ems traversing across the rollercoaster as it gets destroyed, saving the passengers one by one.

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