This is a list of Items that you can get from John's Hortal in Mr. Sew'n's Takeover 2: Jailbreak.


From Pokemon

Image Name What it does Cost
Pokesquare Pokésquare It can release Pokemon. The pokemon attack the opponent(s). 20 coins for one. You can use it once.

From Mario

Yoshi egg square Yoshi Egg It can be thrown at opponents, and damages them. 1 coin for one. You can use it once.
Bullet bill Bullet Bill Changes all of your bullets to bullet bills. It can be switched on and off in the extras section of the pause menu. 100 coins. Keep forever.
Hood'ems bobomb Bob-omb Can be thrown at opponents or locked doors. 5 coins. You can use it once
FireFlowerSMG Fire Flower Lets you shoot fireballs out your hand. Replaces gun. Can be switched on and off in extras. 200 coins. Keep forever.

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