Mr Sew'n's Takeover

Mr. Sew'n's Takeover is a minigame in the Hood'ems series. It is getting a sequel called Mr. Sew'n's Takeover 2: Jailbreak.


Mr. Sewn is back! This time he is trying to take over the world!


Level Unlockable

Image Name Level that unlocks them
Hood'em french French Guy Level 1
Hood'em spanish Spanish Guy Level 2
Hood'em british

English/British Guy

The reason I overdid this British one's stereotype, is because I am British so I know it's not true.

Level 3

Hood'em australian Austalian Guy Level 4

Buy characters

Image Name How to be able to buy them Cost
Hood'em mr sew'n Mr. Sew'n

Complete Level 4 on Free Play

300 coins
Hood'em mario Mario Watch the trailer for Nintend'ems 20 coins
Hood'em bear Bear Can buy at any time 10 coins
Hood'em yellow Yellow Complete any level on free play 25 coins



Play the levels.

Free Play

Play the levels as any character you have unlocked.


Level One

In France, Mr. Sew'n is taking over. Take control of a French person, and search for the five peices of Mr. Sew'n's ship's self-destruct button.

Level Two

Tenerife, Mr. Sew'n is taking over. Mr. Sew'n has placed a bomb in the black sand at the beach. Control a Spanish person, and swim to Tenerife, and then dig up the bomb within 10 minutes.

Level Three

London, England. Mr. Sew'n has taken control of some people and have made them start rioting. Fight them. Defeat all 100 before being killed yourself.

Level Four

In Australia, 7 hours ahead of where you last were, Mr. Sew'n has gotten rid of all the water, making the Crocodiles have to find other places. Take control of a Crocodile Hunter and find a way of trapping them!


Mr. Sew'n decides that he cannot win in World domination, and gives up, for now.


When you start the game up (every time except the first time) you play as the French guy. You are in Paris, and there are places you can go. On the Eiffel Tower, a sign says the time you have spent playing. There is a shop where you can go and buy characters.