Mr. Sew'n's Backwards Coaster
Mr. sew'n's backwards coaster
a poorly lighted image of it.
Greater Location Hood'em World of Fun
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Wii
Current Ruler Mr. Sew'n
Current Inhabitant(s)
MSBC Riders
Location Type Rides

Ride experiance


While the rider queues, there are a few speakers placed around. The speakers will announce that Mr. Sew'n is taking control of innocent people, and forcing them to endlessly go backwards. They warn them that many people in Hood'em World of Fun are being effected.



Mr. Sew'n's Backwards Coaster - On-ride at Hood'em World of Fun


The rider gets on a kart in the design of Mr. Sew'n.There are a total of seven drops.

Getting off

Once they get off, they are shown a video. It is of a clip of Mr. Sew'n. He says "Curses, some people are just too good, why do I always get beaten? What has god got against me? Anyway, you are the only survivor, well done. Have fun with your friends, NOT!" They are then led to the exits.

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