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Mr. Saturn
SSB4 Mr Saturn
A Mr. Saturn
Rarity Rare
Habitat(s) Valleys
First Appearance EarthBound (1994)

Mr. Saturns are a strange race of aliens that made appearances in EarthBound, Mother 3 and Mother 3.5. They have a distinct way of speaking and are great inventors. Throughout your adventures, the Mr. Saturns will always be happy to help in any way they can. Their homeland is Saturn Valley.


Gravity Bound

Mr. Saturns make a cameo in Gravity Bound. They apear in another Saturn Valley located in the Gravity Falls Forest. They are not importent to the plot but are very convenint as they let you sleep and go to the doctors free of charge. A Mr. Saturn also lives in the Mystery Shack as one of the atractions. When talked to it will heal the player. ZOOM!


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