Mr. Rufus and the Wheel of Terror is the first game in the Mr. Rufus series developed by Beanstalk Inc.. It is a puzzle game with a few platforming sections (and more), and is planned for release on the Wii U and 3DS eShop in early 2015. It is succeed by Mr. Rufus and the Ghastly Pups.


Level Name Genre Description Difficulty Prize
1.1 Backstreet Dogs 2D Platformer Fido, one of Mr. Rufus' friends, has lost his favorite music album by The Backstreet Dogs! In this level, Mr. Rufus is tasked with exploring the neighborhood to find the missing music. There are many trash cans in the neighborhood, maybe they are in there? Rufus Level1 Rubber Chewy
1.2 Notepad Problems Sudoku Mr. Rufus happens upon a notepad in his owener's house. Upon further inspection, it is a Sudoku problem, and Mr. Rufus rushes to finish before dinnertime. Rufus Level1 Sudoku Relic
1.3 Beggin' for Bones Trivia Mr. Rufus is geting some deep cravings for the elusive Pepper-Bacon Bone, and one is up for grabs in the shady part of the neighborhood! However, it's only avaliable on one condition - Mr. Rufus beats Cool Feather at a trivia challenge! Rufus Level1 Pepper-Bacon Bone

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