Mr. Plumber is the first friend Skip and Sqak met on their quest. He is a kind horn toad who helps the pair fight Emporer Drek.

Skip and Sqak

Mr. Plumber is first seen in Great Pond trying to fix a pipe and growls "Dang noodles!" and after Sqak made fun of his crack and turns around, Sqak lies "I said... look the plumbers back." The plumber tells the pair he can't go on an escape pod because he has no coins, so he promises to let the duo down the pipe if they pay him coins. Once getting his coins, the plumber rides off in an escape pod, leaving the duo going down the pipe that takes them to the middle of the pond.

Later, Mr. Plumber is seen in the Battle Feild fixing up a turret that Skip and Sqak used to destroy the Ant Bombers that are guarding the Base.

In the Final Level, Mr. Plumber is locked in a cage like the others waiting to get vaporized by the Island Tizer. Being freed, the plumber thanks the 2 and walks off, but struggles where to go.

In the 100% Ending, Plumber is fixing a pipe, with Croco teasing his crack but he does an innocent whistle when plumber turns around.