Mr. Pecten is a member of the Raven Organization in Skip and Sqak 4. He is a Dark Duck who is hired by the Shadoworx to brainwash the Red Ants to obey him by using his hypnotic (but terrible) singing.


Mr. Pecten always loved to be a singer ever since he was a duckling, but the problem is his singing is terrible. One day at a talent show, Mr. Pecten was quickly booed off stage. Furious, Pecten stormed home until he bumped into the Shadoworx who wanted to help make his dream come true. With the help of the Shadoworx, Mr. Pecten steals the singing voice of Madame Nini which not only makes his singing wonderful, but gives him hypnotic powers as well.

Mr. Pecten was then hired by the Shadoworx to help him hypnotis severel Red Ants to obey the Dark Ravens. Mr. Pecten becomes a member of the Raven Organization, as he writes songs to hypnotis the Red Ants.


  • His name, Pecten, is also the name of the comb structures on animals. It is also similiar because Mr. Pecten is a duck which is one of the animals to have pecten.
  • Sometimes if Pecten gets hit during his boss fight, he yelps "Zoinks!", Shaggy Roger's catchphrase from the Sooby Doo series.

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