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Mr. Nightmare: Legend of the Dark Stone is based off the popular Youtuber, Mr. Nightmare which was released on the NX made by main Horror game developers Scott Cawthon, Frictional Games, and Parsec Games. One night Mr. Nightmare wakes up in the middle of the night to see that he's been transformed into his Avatar and all the stories he had read have come true. In order to rid all of the enemies he has to find the Dark Stone in the Red Blood Temple. This game also supports Amiibo's.

Playable Characters

-Mr. Nightmare is the main protagonist in 6this game. Weapons:



Sniper Rile(With Night vision).



Dual Elemental Swords.

-Vanossgaming Vanossgaming, a Popular Gmod player makes an appearance in the game as a playable character. Weapons:




Portal Gun.

-Link. Thanks to Amiibo support Link is a playable character. Link's gameplay replicates Ocarina of Time gameplay. Weapons:

Master Sword.

Hylian Shield.





The game plays like a normal horror game with elements like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

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