Mr. Nightmare
Mr. Nightmare, the evil version of Mr. Sandman.
Full Name Mr. Nightmare
Current Age  ??
Date of Birth  ??
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status In Dreamland
Family and Relations
Mr. Sandman
Main Weapon(s) Boxing Gloves
Latest Appearance  ???
Mr. Nightmare is an evil version of Mr. Sandman that not just knocks out his opponents, but also invades their minds to destroy them mentally. It's unknown what possessed Mr. Sandman to become Mr. Nightmare, but it's clear that it is not Mr. Sandman in control.


Mr. Nightmare is a recolored version of Mr. Sandman, with grey boxing gloves and clothes and darker, purpler skin that has dark particles swarming around him. He has red eyes, which flash when he delivers hard hits.


Relentless and cruel, Mr. Nightmare doesn't care who his opponent is and doesn't need a ring for an excuse to attack people. When he knocks out people, he also appears inside their minds to destroy them mentally, using their worst fears as aid. Mr. Nightmare does have a weakness though: lucid dreamers.


Mr. Nightmare is stronger and faster than Mr. Sandman, with the added ability of being able to go inside the consciousness of people he knocks out. He can do anything in the mindscape that he wants to, but he only uses those powers to utterly destroy characters mentally. The effects of a Mr. Nightmare attack leave either the character comatose or under his control.