I will guide you on your journey to save the queen and her people.
Nona, Mr. Moon Mayhem Mayhem

Mr. Moon Mayhem Mayhem
Developer(s) Bowletta Franchise Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Rpg
Series Mario & Luigi
Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Media Included 3DS Gamecard
Mr. Moon Mayhem Mayhem is a Rpg based on how Mario characters came to be. This game is part of the Mr. Moon Series and the beginning of the series. The game is based on Mr. Moon, a scientist who works at a museum, who accidently created a terrible race of strange creatures.



  • Mr. Moon
  • Mia Meyers
  • Tub Tub
  • Mr. Cat (Thompson)


  • Shroobs
  • Dark Man
  • "The Minister"


  • Nona (Star Sprite)
  • Star Sprites
  • Queen Tangerine (Kidnapped)
  • Turtle People


  • Meyers Museum
  • Tumbly Woods
  • Cavi Caves
  • Turner Town
  • Plack Cliffs
  • Frost Falls
  • Shroob Castle
  • Mushroom Planet


One day in the Meyers Museum, Mr. Moon was sweeping the floors. Mr. Meyers, the owner of the museum, came into the large room. Then he said, "Mr. Moon, um, I have some bad news for you." Mr. Moon gave him a worried nod in return as if implying, "Go on." "Well, you see, I'm going to have to let you go..." Mr. Moon had is head down and sighed. "Here is your final payment." Mr. Meyers handed him a slip of paper and Mr. Moon walked out the front doors.

Outside he found Mia Meyers waiting patiently on the steps. Then she said, "Oh, I knew it! He fired you, didn't he!" Mr. Moon nodded again. "Well, my dad can be a real annoyance some time. Hey, I'm real sorry." "I'm ok" said Mr. Moon for the first time.

Together they walked back to his apartment. On his telvision set, the queen, Tangerine, was guest starring on a famous show, Talk N' Talk Celebs. They ignored the show and got some cereal. "So, anything new?" Mr. Moon went into the other room and made a gesture for her to come in. Intrigued, Mia entered the room to find a giant laboratory filled with many things.

In one corner was something like a venus fly trap, and in another was a ghostly like machine. Mr. Moon walked to three crates. One had a white mushroom with red spots, a purple one with light blue spots, and a plain brown one.