Mr. l

Mr. L appearing in a Brawl stance.

Mr. L, A.K.A The Green Thunder, is Luigi's evil alter-ego after he was brainwashed by Count Bleck's assistant, Nastasia, in the game Super Paper Mario. He has built a giant robot he calls "Brobot" (It looks like him) which he uses to fight Mario and his friends. He made a second version of Brobot called Brobot L-Type that has arms and legs. He appears as a Paper boss in Mario and Luigi: Paper Combine.


Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team

Mr. L is a playable character in Star Hedgehog: Adventurous Team. He is the highest jumper and can use the Charge Jump from Super Mario Bros 2. He can also use the different powerups:

  • Fire Flower: Fire Mr. L
  • Super Leaf: Kitsune Mr. L
  • Hammer suit: Hammer Bro Mr. L
  • Frog suit: Frog Mr. L
  • Propeller Mushroom: Propeller Mr. L
  • Blue Shell: Shell Mr. L
  • Chaos Emeralds: White Kitsune Mr. L

Boss Battles

Mr. L, also known as The Green Thunder, is a brainwashed version of Luigi enlisted by the EVIL league.

Mr. L reappears in Boss Battles as well, a boss. He generally plays rather defensively, running and jumping more than attacking during his first phase. When he attacks with thunder balls, he can be easily punished because he just stops. During the second phase of the fight, he uses Brobot to float around the arena and shoot missiles across the arena. These missiles must be either redirected towards him or during the third phase, avoided. Brobot also has a sucking attack that can be easily punished as well.