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Mr. Googles
Gender Male
Species Alien
Align Chaotic Good
Current Status Alive
Class Scientist
Element(s) Astral, Shock, Metal
Ability/ies StunGun, Building Machines
Vulnerable To Heavy things, earth-based attacks
Height 5 feet
Weight 127.2 lb
Series Sekaiju Legends/Fierce Tales
Family and Relations
Other scientists, Inonedn

Mr. Googles is a scientist who appears in both Sekaiju Legends and Fierce Tales, but mostly in the first one. He used to work on hybrids, but he has given up on it after an accident that caused blue feathers to grow on him, and he probably works on machines now.


Mr. Googles is a black-skinned alien with tentacle-like horns and green eyes. He wears a lab coat and grey pants. His arm ends in tentacles and he is usually seen holding his stun gun.


The scientist has a great interest for diverse spheres of science. He does not likes fighting and prefers to flee or stun his enemies. He is rather nice to others even though he is also not very sociable. It is implied he occasionally feels bad for making hybrids. He can get angry occasionally as shown in the first episode of Sekaiju Legends.


He is very weak without anything to help him, so he relies on weapons in order to fight. He has a stun gun that is mostly used to defend enemies. He can make offensive and defensive machines that can heavily assist him in combat. He prefers to fight more passively.


  • He is implied to have greatly helped in Inonedn’s creation.
  • Mr. Googles shares a suspicious resemblance to Searchie from Fierce Tales. Both are aliens of the same species, and both have blue feathers on them, and finally, both are skilled in machinery.
  • He used to use a golden jetpack, but now he uses a more mechanical jetpack with green lights. The reason for this change is unknown.

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