Mr. Game & Watch
250px-Mr. Game & Watch SSB4
SSB Game & Watch Series
Availability Unlockable
Series Game & Watch
First Appearance Ball (1980)
Home Stage Flat Zone 2
Final Smash Octopus


Mr. Game & Watch is a 2D character meant to serve as the mascot of the Game & Watch Gallery games and the Game & Watch handheld systems. Mr. Game & Watch is not a character from any of the Game & Watch titles, instead being created as a playable character for Super Smash Bros. Melee to represent the Game & Watch line. His appearance seems to be based on the generic people in Fire and Parachute.
Source: Mario Wiki


- : Chef - Flips food out of a frying pan. Moves slowly through the air in varying arcs. The food can be used defensively to cancel attack animations of opponents as a zoning tool as well as to prevent aerial approaches and can be used for edgeguarding against opponents with linear recoveries. Hitting with the pan itself is much more rewarding when edgeguarding, however, as the pan can semi-spike and possibly gimp opponents with short recoveries like Ganondorf. (5% (pan), 4% (sausage), 4% (steak), 4% (shrimp), 4% (fish))

> : Judge-  Swings a hammer in front of him, and raises a flag with a random number from 1-9 with his other hand. It can have any one of 9 effects, which vary based on number; 1 only damages himself, while 9 is a near one-hit KO. An infamous follow-up from his down throw, but timing for a true combo is very strict.

  • Judge 1: A weak hit that does not make the enemy flinch. Deals 12% recoil damage regardless of whether or not it hits.
  • Judge 2: Another weak attack, but deals small knockback. Has a 20% chance of tripping the opponent.
  • Judge 3: Another weak attack, although this one launches the opponent backward and causes significant shield damage.
  • Judge 4: A slashing attack that launches opponents diagonally forward.
  • Judge 5: An electric attack that hits multiple times.
  • Judge 6: A flame attack that semi-spikes. Has the second strongest knockback of all Judge attacks.
  • Judge 7: A moderate knockback attack that produces an apple if it hits the opponent. The apple heals 4%.
  • Judge 8: A freezing attack with very low knockback and makes the "PING!" sound that is usually associated with one-hit KOs.
  • Judge 9: An extremely powerful attack that deals massive knockback and makes the "PING!" sound like Judge 8. Similar in nature to a charged swing from the Home-Run Bat, but the hit's base knockback is much lower, generally unable to KO at extremely low percents. (2%-32% (Varies))

^ : Fire -  Trampolines upward, opening a fall-slowing parachute afterward. Capable of canceling into any move when falling. Has KO potential at high percentages near the left and right blast lines. Very good at stage-spiking, due to out-prioritizing most aerials and dealing strong knockback, making Mr. Game & Watch very difficult to edgeguard. The move can also be used as a possible follow-up option after up throw at low percents against fast-fallers and heavyweights. (6%)

v : Oil Panic -  Collects energy-based attacks in an oil can and dumps them on opponents. Once three are absorbed, it turns into a powerful counterattack with almost no start-up lag that inflicts 2.8x the combined damage of the absorbed attacks, capping to 60%. OHKOs when it inflicts 60%. Despite the appearance, the oil spill is not a projectile and cannot be reflected. (Based on absorbed attacks)

F : Octopus -  Turns into the large octopus that appears in its eponymous game, Octopus. Damage is dealt on contact and range can be increased by pressing the attack buttons. Lasts for 15 seconds. (15%)

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