Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Devastation.


Mr. Game & Watch in SSBDevastation

Mr. Game & Watch brings his retro style! This character debuted in Ball, in 1980, so he's fought in the last level of the All-Star Mode as the last character!

How to unlock

  • Win 130 VS Matches
  • Complete Arena mode with the 45 default characters.
  • Have him join you in the Story Mode.

With the exception of the third way, you must defeat Mr. Game & Watch in Game & Watch with Flat Zone song in.


Mr. Game & Watch is one of the weakest character in the game if not the weakest: his strengths are the above average walking, dash and jump speed and two strong and fast KO moves: Oil Panic and Judge. His flaws are notable: Mr. Game & Watch has 20 more frames of grab release (Zero Suit Samus, the character with the second longest frames of grab release has 10 more frames) and his move have a great lag. Mr. Game & Watch is also the lightest character in the game (tied with Paper Mario and Marshal), meaning that his survival time is among the lowest.

  • Weight: 2/10
  • Speed: 7/10
  • Jump: 7/10
  • Throws: 8/10

Differences between Smash 4


  • Grab release animation lasts 20 frames more.

Ground Attacks

  • Side tilt and up tilt have longer start-up lag.
  • Dash attack goes further
  • Side Smash and Down Smash have better reach but have both more start-up lag.
  • Up Smash is stronger and is totally invincible.
  • Down tilt can KO better.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial was reverted to his Melee style.
  • All of the other aerials are slower.
  • Back aerial is stronger, has better knockback and hits more times.
  • Down aerial is a complete meteor smash no matter where the hit connects.

Grab and Throws

  • Forward, back and down throw are now all different while keeping their proprieties.
  • Forward throw now uses his pan.
  • Back throw now uses his bowl
  • Up throw now uses his trampoline

Special moves

  • Chef has more utility: is stronger, faster and has better reach.
  • Fire leaves Mr. Game & Watch in helpless state due to don't having the parachute.
  • Judge's #1 inflicts more damage to Game & Watch
  • Judge's #7 drops a Game & Watch-styled apple.
  • Oil Panic has no damage limit.

Special moves

  • Standard: Chef. Mr. Game & Watch cooks something with his pan. It inflicts 5% of damage. Customization: XXL Chef/Short-Order Chef.
  • Side: Judge. Mr. Game & Watch swings his hammer showing a number. The number indicates the damage and the effects. It can inflict 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 12%, 14%, 9% or 32%. The #7 also gives a fruit and the #8 freezes the opponents. Customization: Extreme Judge/Chain Judge.
  • Up: Fire. Mr. Game & Watch is launched by some firemen. It doesn't inflict damage but is fast and covers a good up distance. Customization: Heavy Trampoline/Safe Trampoline.
  • Down: Oil Panic. Mr. Game & Watch points a bucket in front of him. He can absorb up to 3 projectile and, by releasing, it inflicts 1.5x the total damage. Customization: Efficient Panic/Panic Overload.
  • Final Smash: Octopus. Mr. Game & Watch transforms into a giant octopus for 17 seconds. Each attack in this form inflicts 15% of damage.

Technical facts

  • Air dodge: Melee
  • Wavedash: yes
  • Traction: low
  • Taunt: rings his bell
  • Entrance: comes out from a Game & Watch
  • Weight value: 65

Palette swap

  • Black (default)
  • Red (Red Team)
  • Yellow
  • Blue (Blue Team)
  • Teal
  • Cyan
  • Green (Green Team)
  • White

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