And so we come down to the final Mr. Driller game of the Classic Saga. It's Mr. Driller Drill Spirits! Even though it was ten years since the first game came out on the NES, Namco decided that Dr. Manhole dies. It was a big deal! It was like Superman was supposed to die or when Konata Izumi from Magical Girl Team Lucky Star was supposed to die, even though she did not. But still, Dr. Manhole's death was spread all the way thoughout the world.

But now, let's get on with the game's plot. It begins with one of the most incredible title screens for any video game. That's awesome! The plot involves Susumu temporarily joining Team Ankoku to blow up a nuclear reactor in Seoul, Korea, where it's been killing most of Japan's nuclear weapons. But then, Team Ankoku sends the Destruction Drill to destroy Hong Kong with it and glowing red. You know how Dr. Manhole created the Destruction Drill with nuclear radiation? It's on the point that will blow up the eastern hemisphere. Pretty freakin' extreme.

There's all these weird creatures appearing all thoughout the world.

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