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Hey! My letter is Greek! Gamma to be precise! GAMMA! HAHAHA!
Mr. WL

Mr. Γ or Mr. WL is Waluigi's alter ego, he is very similar to Mr. L.
Mr. L3d

Mr. Γ 3D appearance.


Debut as a kart racer!

Mr. Γ makes his debut appearance as a kart racer. He first appears in Mario Kart ACTION!. He is partners with Mr. L. His special item is a timer.

Paper Wario

Waluigi gets brainwashed to become Mr. Γ for the second boss in Paper Wario.

Super Luigi World Series

He appears in the second and third games as a character appearing when Waluigi comes in contact with a Wacky Orb. Like the other Mr. Forms, it only lasts for a limited time, but he is invinsible, very much like the stars of other Mario games.


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