Full Name Moyan
Current Age 14
Location Azlak
Class Hero

Moyan is a protagonist in the Fantendo Fury series.


7000 years ago, Moyan created Eate, along with Winson and Mahogany. He created the mountains, rocks, land formations, clouds, and electric charges in the planet. He is also the master of the Thunder and Earth elemental stones.

7000 years later, after the events of Dark Fungi 4, the World of Immortals was invaded by Temporak and the Dark Army. He sacrificed his immortality to save the World of Immortals from destruction. Temporak took his immortality, and left. Months later, after living in civilization once again, he discovered Temporak had broken his side of the deal and invaded the World of Immortals once again. Moyan, enraged by this news, formed a group called Fantendo Fury, made up of the many strong heroes in the Fantendoverse, and ventured into the World of Immortals and save it from Temporak.

After a long, agonizing journey, Moyan found Temporak and faced off in a battle. After many strikes, Temporak was still standing. Moyan prayed for help, and suddenly, out of nowhere, a blue light struck him, and then a red one. He started floating, and transformed into a yellow being. He saw the images of Winson and Mahogany in his eyes, and realized they lended him power. He fought with Temporak once again, and supposedly killed him. He was rewarded with immortality, but refused, and said he had come to miss civilization, and was glad he was back, and that he would visit the World of Immortals every once in a while, and left.