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Mowz are Little Mousers (Which are also known as Squeaks or Squeeks) that have become thieves. They resemble Little Mousers exactly.

Notable Mowz

  • Moustafa - A character in Paper Mario who is the leader of a group of honorable thieves at Dry Dry Outpost. He eventually helps Mario locate the Dry Dry Ruins, where one of the Star Spirits is being held.
  • Ms. Mowz - The only optional partner in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, she owns a badge shop in Rogueport. Multiple times before you can get her as a party member, Mario encounters her multiple times (around once a chapter) stealing badges. In order to get her as a party member, you must clear her trouble at the Trouble Center. Her abilities are: Love Slap, Kiss Thief, Tease, and Smooch.
  • Mowz - Mowz is a Mario Party 8 character that appears in 2 boards. In one, he is a suspect for a robbery of candy, and in another he lets the player spin a wheel with a pinball inside it if he or she lands on a ? Space, and depending on what it lands on, he will steal that from an opponent and give it to the player who landed on the ? Space.

MHL Player

They appears playable in Super Mario MHL.

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