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Mouse Le Fume is a character who appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. She is a purple mouse who is a member of the SHADOW Team. She always carries a large tank of "lovely perfume" (which is actually Stink Bug spray) which reeks her friends.


Mouse Le Fume (or often called Fume or Le Fume) often enjoys smelling her perfume. However, she is a total outcast and has no friends due to her foul smell. Despite everyone being offended by the foul smell she carries, Le Fume really enjoys the smell as if it's her perfume.

She gets to have a locker in the bottom row, due to her not liking the tall top row since she is a short mouse.


Mouse Le Fume can spray purfume at her enemies which can blind, damage, or confuse them into attacking another. She can also punch enemies in close combat.

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